Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat celebrates his 10th YouTube Anniversary this year. Neistat has come a long way. He is hailed as the creator of the modern vlog format with close to 12 Million subscribers today which has allowed him to create an impressive lifestyle and significant net worth along the way! Lets check it out!

NameCasey Neistat
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1981
FromConnecticut, USA
Lives in New York City, USA
Known ForYouTube, TV Show, Beme App
Net Worth$40 Million

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth 2020

Casey’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to approximately be $40 Million. This comes from earnings on YouTube throughout the years, money from the sale of his application Beme, investments and assets such as his houses and his production company 368.

How much Does Casey Neistat Earn on YouTube?

According to Socialblade, Casey Neistat earns approximately $1.3 Million a year from advertising revenue on YouTube. Casey Makes money on YouTube through YouTube’s partnership program. This allows him to make money by displaying advertising on his content through Adsense.


Casey also makes money by creating and selling his own brand of merchandise. We are not sure how much Casey makes through this venture as it has never been disclosed. YouTubers typically make 5 Figures – 6 figures a month selling merchandise.

Brand Partnerships and Collaborations

Neistat has worked with big brands such as Samsung to debut their technology through filmmaking.


368 is a company set up by Casey to help influencers create content providing sets for any sorts of videos such as Cooking, Vlogs, Gaming, Production and more.

Casey Neistats Homes

Casey and his wife own a $5.5 Million dollar New York apartment and a $3.7 Million in Venice, California which adds to his net worth.

Early Days

Legendary YouTuber, Casey Neistat was born in Connecticut in the early eighties. His father was a restaurant supply salesman.

He has three siblings, Dean ( who has his own Youtube channel), Van ( who Casey made the HBO show The Neistat brothers with) and Jordan (seen in this video:

Before making it big in the Youtube world and even before developing an interest in making videos, Casey was an avid skateboarder and rollerblader.

Casey describes the majority of his childhood as “wonderfully unsupervised”. In school, he got in a lot of trouble, partly because of his parent’s divorce at fifteen. This led to him leaving home and moving in with his girlfriend who then became pregnant with his baby. 

At just seventeen Casey was a father earning $8 per hour washing dishes at a seafood restaurant. A somewhat rocky start for a future millionaire.

YouTube Career

Casey first uploaded in February of 2010, back when the website was much smaller than today and before vlogging had really become a thing.

Unlike most YouTubers, by the time he had uploaded his first video, Casey had been making all sorts of videos for clients and had even sold his own tv show to HBO for a staggering 2 million dollars.

 With success already on his side, Casey wanted to focus full time on Youtube as he had a ready-made audience and a place to showcase his work, which is much faster than traditional platforms such as TV and movies.

His content started off showing his life in New York City, videos about running, the subway and even bike stealing in the city.

Even back then, Casey’s professional and unique productions stood out. Clearly the years of film making experience had paid off, his fun and interesting style got lots of attention.

His first video to go viral was about cycling in bike lanes in New York City. The video exploded and got featured in Newspapers and on TV.

This led to a huge surge in popularity for Casey and a big increase in traffic for his Youtube channel. His content was varied, posting videos about Apple products, Facebook, birthdays, holidays and even videos about mundane subjects like buying a new wallet or his sunglasses.

It is his ability to turn everyday things into an exciting story that led to Casey’s success. Casey was also a sought after creator outside of YouTube, making videos for Nike and Mercedes Benz.

By March 2015, Casey was about to make a huge step forward in his career. He started uploading daily vlogs:

Although not the first Youtuber to start daily vlogging, it was Casey’s engaging content and professionalism that led to his videos reaching a huge audience.

At the time his editing style, use of music and drone footage was a first. He made daily vlogs for 300 days in a row and his impact was massive.

Take a look at any popular YouTuber today or even a brand new daily vlogger and you will see one of Casey’s fingerprints, he is the original father of YouTube!

Casey still vlogs occasionally and his most popular videos are reviews of the most expensive airplane seats in the world.

Other Ventures

Outside of YouTube, Casey launched and sold the app Beme to CNN for a reported 25 million dollars!

He also owns the production company 368, an NYC studio that helps YouTubers create better content.

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