Casey Holmes Net Worth

Casey Holmes is a 27-year-old YouTube Makeup, Beauty Guru and Vlogger. You may be wondering where Casey Holmes comes from, what she was like before her rise to fame on YouTube and what Casey’s net worth is. We have all the details below

NameCasey Holmes
Date of Birth25th November 1991
BornGeorgia, USA
Known ForYouTube, Instagram
ChannelsCaseyHolmes, CaseyHolmesVlogs
Net Worth$700,000

Casey was born on the 25th of November in 1991 in Georgia in the United States. Casey got engaged to her now husband Davis Marlar in March 2017 and tied the knot in October 2017. In December 2018, they then announced on Caseys Vlogging channel that they would be having their first child, a baby boy in July 2019!

YouTube Career

Casey runs two YouTube Channels, her main Channel CaseyHolmes, and her second Channel CaseyHolmesVlogs.

Casey started her main channel in March 9th, 2011. She started creating videos around this time in her early twenties when she started doing haul and beauty videos. This includes videos such as makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, product reviews, hairstyle tutorials and videos about routines and health and fitness.

Since then Casey has amassed over 1.7Million Subscribers to date and a total view count of 192.5Million views on her main channel!

Her most popular video to date is her Testing popular instagram Beauty products with over 2 Million Views and coming in a close second with 1.6Million views is a hilarious video of her boyfriend doing the voice over on her tutorial while hes drunk!

On Caseys Second Channel, CaseyHolmesVlogs, Casey reveals a more personal side to her life. In her vlogs you get an insight into what Casey does on the daily.

Caseys vlogging channel has 600,000 Subscribers and a total view count of 39 Million views to date.

Her most viewed video on this channel is her “I’m Pregnant” video where she tells her husband the great news.

What is Casey Holmes Net Worth

Casey makes approximately $144,000 a year through YouTube, Runs her own online boutique and collaborates with brands through promotions on various social media.

She also owns a home and has a car with an estimated value of $800,000 with her husband. This brings Casey’s net worth to approximately $700,000

How Much Does Casey Holmes Make From YouTube

From Casey’s main channel, according to socialblade, Casey makes approximately $6000 a month from an approximate 1.5 Million monthly views.

On Casey’s vlogging channel, Casey makes an approximate $6,100 a month from 1.6Million Views per month.

Casey makes a grand total of approximately $12,000 a month from YouTube’s partner program

Casey also can promote brands through sponsored videos on her YouTube account which can give her additional revenue.

Casey’s Other Revenue Streams

Casey runs an online Bouqitue called RosieDaze after her two dogs Rosie and Dasie. On her boutique she sells a variety of merchandise, clothing, shoes, and accessories. We do not know how much Casey makes through this venture but we presume its another substantial income stream for Casey.

Casey also has an Instagram with over 1.2 Million followers. Casey can promote brands on her instagram story and through sponsorships. With an account of her size, it can cost approximately $2000 per promotion.

She also promotes a variety of affiliate based revenue streams such as HomeChef, where she offers discounts off first orders from the service. The Commission structure of HomeChef is 30% of the customers first order.

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