Casey Holmes Vlogging Camera and Equipment

Casey Holmes Camera & Equipment

Casey Holmes is well known for her beauty videos, hauls and vlogs on her vlogging channel. You may be wondering what tools does a YouTube Celebrity like Casey Use? We have found out exactly which main camera, vlogging camera, tripods and other equipment she uses to make her videos.

What Camera does Casey Holmes Use?

Canon EOS 70D

Throughout videos on Caseys main channel , she uses the Canon EOS 70D. The 70D is a favourite among YouTubers, for its great video quality, its fast auto focus.

You can see that casey uses the EOS 70D in a few of her videos. The 70D Features a fully articulating screen that vloggers absolutely love to ensure that theyre in the frame. Combined with a 20.2MP sensor this is a great camera for mid range vloggers.

What Vlogging Camera does Casey Holmes Use?

Canon G7X Mark II - Vlogging Camera

Casey uses the Canon G7X II in most her videos when she goes around vlogging. This is because the G7X films in Full 1080p HD, has Image stabilisation and is super easy to carry around and film with.

We would recommend this camera for YouTubers who are looking to get a start into vlogging on YouTube.

casey Holme's Tripod

ManFrotto Pixi

Casey uses the Manfrotto Pixi along with her G7X II, making it easier to vlog as she moves around. The Manfrotto Pixi folds up so you can hold it in your hand or you can place it and record your videos. 

If you're looking for a portable and lightweight tripod for on the go, the manfrotto pixi is one of the best.

What computer does casey use?

‚Äč27 Inch iMac

In Caseys video where she moves in to her house with her boyfriend you can see her iMac in the room. 

Many YouTubers use iMacs as their primary desktop computers. It provides the processing power along with programs such as Final Cut Pro and the ability to handle Adobes software. Its the ideal desktop all in one for creatives.

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