Canon G7X Mark III For Vlogging

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The long awaited Canon G7X Mark III has finally arrived and its clear that Canon has been listening to YouTuber feedback with some of the most requested features being implemented into this upgraded vlogging camera!

You may be wondering if this camera is good for vlogging, lets take a look!

Canon G7X III Specs

  • Video Quality: 4k 30FPS
  • Sensor: 20.1MP 1 Inch CMOS
  • Auto Focus: 31 Point AF
  • Optical Image Stabilisation: Yes
  • Vlogger Level - New/Intermediate

G7X III For Vlogging

The Canon G7X Mark III is the first camera in the canon's G Series lineup, along with the G5X II which  records in 4K. This is a huge step up for vloggers who were crying out for a canon compact that shoots in 4k. You'll be happy to know that it shoots un-cropped meaning that it allows you to work with the whole of the lens at up to 30 Frames per second. In terms of recording its recommended only to record 5 mins of 4K footage at a time to avoid overheating.  

Unfortunately Canon has not worked out the kinks of 4K footage , which Sony have also encountered in earlier models of their cameras which they have now resolved in recent models. 

In terms of Full HD video recording, you can shoot up to 120 frames per second and create beautiful slow motion shots for your b-roll footage.

Video quality is again enhanced by the built in ND Filter, which is one of the main selling points for many vloggers. Like the mark II, it features the 3-stop ND filter which will reduced the amount of exposure especially in over lit situations such as sunny days if you're vlogging outside.

Low Light Video

In terms of shooting low lighting, the G7X III is capable of shooting pretty well video in low lighting situations due to its wide aperture range of  f/1.8-2.8 and its DIGIC 8 processor without removing a lot of detail however you may notice a bit of noise reduction being used.

In terms of video modes on the camera, the drawback to the 4K video mode is that it is quite limited as it only has a dedicated video mode and 10 minutes of recording time,  unlike that of FHD which will allow you to control more in its manual and semi manual mode and 30 minutes.

Most vloggers these days are on social media platforms, which mainly deal with vertical video therefore canon has added the vertical video mode to capture video and upload to your social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat.


The G7X III has a 31 Point AF which features face detection and object tracking. The autofocus sounds good however performs quite slowly for many vloggers who have tried it and have found even the Mark II to perform a lot better. For a camera of this price point, canon really seems to have missed the mark. It does not come close to Sony's Phase Detection Autofocus which is a lot faster.

The Autofocus is only vloggers who stay steady in frame and aren't moving erratically, but if you're someone who moves or shooting fast moving subjects such as sports, cars, people you may want to consider Sony's RX100 VII.

Image Stabilisation

The Canon G7X III is undoubtedly the leader in image stabilisation, the G7X M3 has performed fantastically when it comes to recording while walking etc due to its lens' optical image stabilisation. If you're mainly an on the go vlogger with an unsteady hand, this camera is definitely a strong contender.

Internal & External Microphone

This is one of the features that makes this compact a must have for vloggers, the external microphone is not seen in a camera of this size. The inbuilt sound is usable as long as you're in doors but if you're a vlogger who vlogs outside, your sound may be disrupted by the wind. 

Canon G7X External Microphone

However, we would have liked to have seen a hot shoe on the Canon G7X Mark III to mount a shotgun microphone. However, you can get a tripod and mount that will allow you to use a shotgun microphone or you can check out some pretty decent lavalier microphones. 

Flip Screen

The 3 Inch flip screen is what defined the earlier generations of this camera for vloggers and you'll be delighted to hear they have still kept this beauty. Its a 3 inch flip up touch screen that now allows you to press on on screen button to record your video, instead of reaching behind the camera to click the record button like previous generations making it a lot easier for vloggers.


The Canon G7X III will allow you to transfer files over to your phone via wifi and bluetooth connection provided you have the associated canon application on your phone. In this generation of the G7, it allows you to livestream directly to youtube with your camera, an absolutely amazing feature for those of you who want to live stream to your audiences using a great quality camera. This however does need a strong internet connection in order to have not have laggy video that impacts the quality

Build Quality & Battery

The canon G7X is a well built camera that feels like its made of quality materials, you know its an expensive camera. The front grip on the camera is a much needed improvement compared to that of the G7X II, making it easier to hold.  

The battery lasts about the same amount of time as the previous generation, however in this generation you can charge the battery directly from the camera's USB Port. So grab some battery packs and you can use these to power your camera. 


  • Beautiful 4K Ultra HD Video Capture
  • Microphone Jack! Finally External Microphone Support!
  • Great Low Lighting Ability
  • Optical and Electronic Image Stabilisation


  • Price is quite high, but is reflected int he features of the camera.
  • Slow and Sluggish autofocus does not come close to other cameras in this price range
  •  Overheating when recording over 5 Mins of 4K footage

Differences Between G7X II and G7X III

  • 4k Resolution
  • USB Option for Power/Battery
  • Microphone Jack
  • Digic 8 Processor


Overall, The G7X Mark III Brings some significant improvements for video in comparison to its predecessor the G7X II. Its keeps its light and portable  form factor packing an extra punch with a new stacked CMOS Sensor and Processor to deliver stunning 4K Video along with the option of adding an external microphone which is something vloggers have been begging for.

This was promising and could have been one of the best options for a vlogging camera this year however with slow autofocus and 4K Recording ability that can cause overheating of the camera, many vloggers are skipping this upgrade of canon's beloved G7X Series.

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