Cameron Dallas Net Worth

Cameron Dallas Net Worth

Cameron Dallas is a well known YouTuber, Actor, Model and former Vine star who got his fame from the early days of YouTube. You may be wondering how Cameron rose to fame and his current net worth, we’ll explore that in this article.

NameCameron Dallas
Date of Birth8th September 1994
BornWhittier, California
Known ForYouTube, Vine, Instagram, Netflix
Net Worth$6 Million

What is Cameron Dallas Net Worth?

Cameron Dallas’ Net worth is approximately $6 Million USD. This comes from his yearly salary from YouTube and Instagram, his acting ventures and his assets such as his house and cars.

Early Life

Cameron was born in Whittier, California on September 8th 1994. He was raised by his mother Gina Dallas in Chino, California. He has one older sister, Sierra Dallas who is four years older than him.

Cameron went to high school in California but never disclosed where he went. According to TeenVogue, Cameron had a few close friends in high school but spent most of his time playing the online game Runescape. During his senior year of high school he discovered Instagram and the concept of followers, which lead him to get very interested in the platform.

Although we don’t know much about his high school experience, in one of his videos he says that his time in high school was a rough experience for him. He graduated successfully and went to college. However in college, cameron dropped out in freshman year to focus on his online career.

YouTube Career

Cameron started his YouTube Channel in September 2012. He originally posted a lot of vlogging, pranks, comedy and lifestyle content with his friends and family on his channel. He also collaborated with a lot of other YouTubers.

Cameron became very popular on Vine and most of his followers came

Cameron has since hidden a lot of his early days videos on his channel to refine his content as his YouTube channel is now focused primarily as a musician. Recently releasing his single “Why Haven’t I Met You”.

To date, Cameron has over 5.5 Million subscribers to his YouTube Channel

Acting Career

In 2014, cameron starred in the film “The Expelled” which was released on December 12, 2014. This was Camerons debut as an actor as the role “Felix O’Neill”.

In 2015, Cameron starred in the NBC series American Odyssey for two episodes. He also appeared in “The Outfield” with other social media stars Nash Grier and Caroline Sunshine in the role of Frankie Payton.

In June 2016, Cameron landed his own netflix reality TV series where they follow him on his international tour around the world in “Chasing Dallas” This series has 10 Episodes and is available on Netflix. The series was nominated for a Teen Choice award.

Cameron has also starred in Charli XCX’s Boys Music video.

How Much does Cameron Make on YouTube

According to Socialblade, Cameron currently makes approximately $600 a month from his YouTube Channel based on 150,000 views per month.
This equates to about $7000 per year.

Cameron has become less focused on his YouTube Channel and is pursuing acting ventures, such as acting and singer/songwriting.

In previous years, when cameron was more active on YouTube he was earning upwards of $200,000 per year.

Other Forms of Income

In addition to the income made from his acting career, Cameron has focused on modelling for various magazines, brands and more.

He also has pivoted to singing/songwriting releasing the track “Why Haven’t I met you” and has made income from the views/sales of this track.

Cameron’s Dallas House

Cameron owns a home in California that is estimated to be worth $700,000. You can take a tour of Camerons house which was uploaded to TheEssential’s YouTube Channel.

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