Best Webcams For YouTube

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Streaming has become a huge part of YouTube, with a ton of YouTubers hosting live steams on their channel often. If you're looking to get into live streaming having a webcam is super easy way to host live streams even on platforms like twitch.

We've reviewed some of the best webcams on the market today, you'll be surprised to know that most of these webcams are under $100 so its easy to get started with a webcam to make some streams and videos on YouTube.

Best Webcams For YouTube

Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam

  • Video Quality: 4k 30P/1080P 60FPS
  • Low Light Ability: Great
  • Background Remover: No

The Logitech Brio is one of the first of its kind, its the 4K Ultra HD video webcam. For those of you who live for the best of the best, you're not going to find a better quality webcam then the Logitech Brio. The 4K sensor in the camera gives true to life video with 4K at 30fps and 1080p HD Video at 60 Frames per second, it delivers amazing colour with high dynamic range and fast autofocus which looks great when you're streaming content on YouTube or Twitch.

This Logitech camera also features RightLight 3 which automatically sets and adjusts exposure and contrast so you look your best at all times in any sort of lighting! In terms fo audio quality the camera has a pretty great microphone for a webcam, which is suitable for calls and streaming as it has some built in noise cancellation. However, if you're going for a professional style streaming setup we would recommend a dedicated cardioid microphone.

If you're considering this webcam, make sure that your computer or laptop is compatible. This webcam supports both Mac and Windows PC's, USB 2.0+ but USB 3.0 is preferred due to the amount of power needed for 4K Capture. If you only have USB 2.0 you will be limited to 1080pHD. 


  • 4K Quality
  • Amazing Low Lighting Ability
  • Great Autofocus
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Best Microphone For Webcam


  • Expensive V Other Webcams
  • Needs a fast computer to use 4K without it slowing down.

Logitech C922 x Pro Stream 

  • Video Quality:  1080p HD 30FPS
  • Low Light Ability: Good
  • Background Replacement: Yes

This Logitech HD pro stream webcam is arguably one the best HD webcam out there packed with features gamers will specifically love! The camera records video in 1080pHD streaming at a rate of 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 FPS.

One of my favourite features about this camera is the ability to replace your background using the Background replacement technology powered by personify so you don't necessarily need a green screen! You can put an image there, live video in the background and more. This is great for YouTube Vloggers, Reviewers or Live streamers who like to host and present with the content in the background.

 The C922 HD pro webcam is compatible with windows 7 to the current version of windows and is also compatible with Mac, and is simply plug and play for the most part. However, the background replacement technology does not work on Mac.


  • Background replacement
  • 1080p HD Quality
  • Great Autofocus Ability
  • Good Low Light ability
  • PC & Mac Compatibility


  • Microphone is subpar for video

Logitech C920 

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Low Light Ability: Great
  • Background Replacement: No
  • Compatibility: PC & MAC

The Logitech C920 combines value and functionality. Its a HD pro webcam that features recording and live streaming in 1080p at 30 frames per second. This webcam offers great low light ability with light correction built in, it also features a webcam clip that allows it to attach to your monitor or laptop screen quickly and easily.

In terms fo sound the camera has dual stereo mics, and also features noise cancellation ability for clearer sound quality. It works with Windows and Mac Operating systems, simply plug into your computer and its ready to use thanks to its plug and play technology.

In comparison to the Logitech C922 webcams, the C920 Logitech has better low lighting ability but lacks the ability to do background replacement. But if you have a green screen or this should be no problem to use a chroma key & Streaming software to manage this. 


  • HD 1080p Webcam
  • Includes Webcam Clip
  • Dual Stereo Microphones
  • Great Low Lighting Ability


  • No Background Replacement

Razer Kiyo - Best Streaming Camera

  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Low Light Ability: Great
  • Background Remover: Yes
  • Compatibility: PC & Mac

Razer has challenged the longtime webcam king Logitech with its Kiyo Streaming Webcam. Some Vloggers and Gamers know Razer for their quality gaming equipment, the Kiyo is no different.

This Razer webcam can record in 1080p video at 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 frames per second. Its primarily a streaming webcam, and because its main appeal is to gamers, its certified to work with streaming software for youtube such as Streamlabs, OBS, and XSplit.

This webcam performs extremely well in low lit conditions , reducing noise and graininess even at higher ISOs. The camera also features a ring light on the outside that outputs light at 5600k to give the daytime effect to the video displayed.

This also features the ability to remove the background from the scene and replace it with video or images and compares at the same level as the above logitech camera.

For portability the webcam folds conveniently so if you're travelling or going to a LAN party or event, its easy to carry! 


  • 1080p HD
  • Background Remover
  • Ring Light
  • Great Low Lighting 
  • PC & mac Compatible


  • Software can be hard to us
  • Audio Quality isnt the best

Logitech C270

  • Video Resolution: 720P 30FPS
  • Low Lighting: Okay
  • Background Remover: No
  • Compatibility: PC & MAC

If you're on a budget and looking to get into streaming, then the Logitech C270 may be the webcam for you. This shoots in 720p at up to 30 frames per second with its Fluid Crystal Technology. The video quality is pretty okay considering its 720p looking clear and smooth for the most part. 

The camera has a built in microphone. This microphone is for newcomers who want to experiment with getting on camera and setting up their streams but dont expect amazing audio quality

Personally, I would wait to save up for at least an 1080p HD webcam as the YouTube standard for video is 1080p and with 4K up and coming in the future, 720p wont cut it.

The front facing camera on your smartphone would be a good alternative to this webcam.


  • Records at 720p at 30FPS
  • Long USB Cable


  • Not HD Quality
  • Microphone not the best
  • Plastic Lens

What is a Webcam?

A webcam is basically a camera connected to your computer via USB. The majority of the processing on a webcam is done through your computer, unlike a traditional camera where it is done in the body of the camera. Webcams are typically cheaper than cameras due to their size and capabilities as webcams are used for specific cases such as video calling, streaming and other uses. Whereas cameras would be used for vlogging and videography which require higher quality.

How Much Are Webcams?

A webcam can cost as little as $30, for an entry level 720p hd to $50 for a High Definition and all the way up to $100's for a webcam with better specs. We would recommend you stick to a budget when looking for a webcam, based on your needs and how the webcam is going to fulfil those needs.

What to Look For in Webcams

Low Lighting Ability - As you're recording inside at your desk or setup, its more than likely more dimly lit than outdoor or professional setup situations where you have light boxes. The low lighting ability is important as it keeps the noise or graininess of the webcam to a minimum so you look your best!

Video Quality - Video quality is important, this goes without saying. Webcams come in a lot of different flavours such as 720p which is standard definition, 1080p HD which is high definition and 4K which is Ultra High Definition. At the moment, most of the content on YouTube streams in 1080p as default and is the standard for vlogging and streaming.

There are a ton of 1080p hd webcams out there at the moment and makes up the majority of the market, the one 4K webcam is rare but best if you're looking to future proof yourself in the move to 4K content in the next few years.

Autofocus - Autofocus is a good feature to have in a webcam, if you're streaming however you're not moving around much so the camera should stay focused on you. Most of the HD Logitech cameras come with built in autofocus to keep you in focus throughout your videos and streams.

Background Replacement - Background replacement is a fun and useful tool where you can replace your background while you're filming, even without a green screen! This is ideal for YouTubers, Twitch streamers

Microphone - Microphones are important, you need good quality audio to go with the video. Most built in microphones perform well, cameras like Logitech feature dual omni-channel microphones which capture sound and use sound reduction technology to filter out any external noise that isn't your voice.

However we would recommend if you're using a webcam to record videos to use a dedicated microphone such as a cardioid microphone!

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