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Sony have made leaps and bounds in the past few years in the world of vlogging camera's, becoming the camera of choice for many Vloggers who have replaced their Canon or Nikon cameras in place of a Sony and for good reason. 

In this article, we're going to be going over the 5 best Sony cameras for vlogging ranging from entry level to professional.


Camera Type

Video Resolution


4K 30P

Sony A7III


4K 30P


4K 60P

Sony A6500


4K 30p


1080p 60FPS

Best Sony Cameras for Vlogging

Sony A6400

  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor size: 24MP APS-C
  • Movie Resolution: 4K 30P
  • Monitor: 3 Inch Articulating 
  • Vlogger Level: Intermediate

The A6400 won our "Best Vlogging Camera of 2019" and overall is Sony's best vlogging camera at the moment. There are a few reasons why we absolutely love this camera and why we feel its the best in Sony's line up. 

Video Quality 

The A6400 has taken quite a leap forward in terms of video quality, it captures beautiful 4K footage at 30FPS, with way better colour due to HLG (HDR) which is comparably better than SLOG that features in  previous A6XXX Models. With this camera, you can film for as long as you like without limitations of 30 minutes like the others. 

Probably the most important thing, the A6400 wont overheat after 30 minutes as Sony finally solved this problem with this model

World Class Auto Focus - The A6400 features 425 real time phase detection AF points, that is way more than any other camera out there at this price range. This allows you to keep your subject in shot, even if your subject is a furry friend! This is due to the A6400 having the same software and processor that features on Sony's A9, a $5000 camera. 

Flip Up Screen - Unlike other cameras in this lineup, it features a up 180Degree flip up screen which is ideal for vlogging and ensuring you're in the frame. However, you would need to be happy with the on board audio which is great for the most part, but if you want to use your external microphone and flip screen at the same time you're going to have to get an external mount to put your microphone to the side of the camera instead of the top.  Why Sony decided to do it in this way, i'll never understand.

Overall - Overall this is one of the best vlogging cameras on the market, however lacking In Body Stabilisation that features in the A6500 below can be a turn off for some vloggers who capture footage on the go. However, with Sony's Optical Steady Shot (OSS) lenses, you can counteract this problem for the most part. 

Sony A7III

  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor size: Full Frame
  • Movie Resolution:
  • Monitor: 
  • Vlogger Level: Pro

The Sony A7III is the creme de la creme of vlogging cameras in Sony's lineup. Used by Pro Vloggers such as Casey Neistat due to its beautiful crispy 4K video quality, the dynamic range available in this camera in such a small form factor and its usability as an on the go vlogging camera.

Video Quality
Right out of the box, you can expect the some of the best video quality with the A7 Mark 3. It captures beautifully, crisp and beautifully coloured video at 4K 30FPS. 

The slow motion in 120fps looks great in well lit footage

Low lighting
Sony's cameras are known for their great low lighting ability. The A7 Mark 3 is no different and captures footage in low lighting situations with ease  at 6400 ISO and 12800 ISO without any trouble at all without much noise, and exceptional colours due to improved colour science on Sony's A7III

In Body Stabilisation
For vloggers, in body stabilisation is super useful, the A7III features in body stabilisation so you're lens isn't doing all the heavy lifting. This is great, combatting the rolling shutter, and general bumpiness that you would see in cameras without IBIS.  This combined with the video quality makes for a great vlogging camera.

Extended Battery Life
The A7III comes with a significantly larger battery, he NP-FZ100.  This allows for more usage throughout the day as you vlog for about 2 - 3 hours. The batteries are also quite cheap on Amazon, allowing you to stock up and bring on the go. Ideal for vloggers who are capturing day long footage such as outings or videographers who are filming events.

No Flip Screen
One of the drawbacks of this camera is the lack of an articulating screen on this camera, you have to rely on your positioning that you're in the frame. The Mark 3 has one of the leading autofocus systems, so as long as you're positioned well in the frame you can ensure that its going to focus on you, using its AI. You can attach an external monitor such as the Atomos Ninja 5.

Sony A6500

  • Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor size: 24MP APS-C
  • Movie Resolution: 4K 30P
  • Monitor: 3 Inch TouchScreen
  • Vlogger Level: Intermediate

Sony's A6500 is a vlogging camera of choice for a lot of vloggers, with impressive quality that matches the A7 Mark II. The predecessor of the A6400 but includes features that on to the go vloggers will appreciate such as In Body Image Stabilisation.

4k Video Capture -
The A6500 captures into resolutions of up to 4K video at a frame rate of 30fps and can shoot Full HD 1080p at 60FPS. It uses SLG3 (HDR) for beautiful colour accuracy. As with all sony's 4K camera its using oversampled 4K, to capture the most detail. It performs well in low lighting situations. 

The A6500 can record for 30 minutes continuously, and 50 minutes of continuous footage before it gets "hot" however if you're a vlogger who doesn't record continuously for 50 minutes this shouldn't be a problem as most vlogggers record shorter amounts of footage intermittently. 

In Built image Stabilisation - This is the deciding factor for most that they'd choose the A6500 over the A6400.  The IBIS in the a6500 ensures that the sensor is dynamic enough to stabilise to the external movements of walking etc for those who like to vlog on the go. You wont experience that rolling shutter that you may experience with non-IBIS cameras when vlogging.

Autofocus - As always this contains Sony's 4D autofocus system, ensuring the camera is consistently tracking the subject in the frame. It uses 425 densely populated points, 

Build Quality & Handling
The A6500 has a better grip than the A6400 and the A6300, making it easier to handle. It also has 3 custom buttons making it easy to map settings an seamlessly change between them. The A6500 like its siblings is made of hard plastic, and metal. Its sturdy enough to bring on the go, and it is weather sealed so you wont have to worry too much when you get caught in bad weather.

Sony RX100V

  • Type: Compact
  • Sensor size: 20.1MP CMOS
  • Movie Resolution:
  • Monitor: 
  • Vlogger Level: Intermediate

The Sony RX100 V is Sony's best vlogging compact they have come out with yet. For vloggers who prefer smaller devices and want great video quality the RX100 V is the compact of choice.

Video Quality 
The RX100 V can shoot in stunning 4K  for about 5 minutes at a time and shoot in 1080p HD for 30 minutes at a time. The video quality on the RX100 V Is impeccable for a camera of this size, due to its 20.1 MP CMOS Sensor.

For Slow Motion footage this camera can shoot at up to 960FPS in 1080p for super high definition slow motion shots that your viewers are sure to love when you're capturing B-Roll footage for your vlogs.

OIS - The RX100V includes Optical Image Stabilisation that is ideal for vloggers who film without a tripod or are filming a lot outside while walking. This is comparable to Canon's G7X II which also features image stabilisation. 

Auto Focus - This has the autofocus ability of Sony's mirrorless range, with 315 Autofocus points that include eye detection and tracking. Ensuring the focus is always on your or your subject in the shot. its fast and responsive to a multitude of situations.

Sony A6000

  • Type:
  • Sensor size: 24 MP APS-C
  • Movie Resolution: 1080P 60FPS
  • Monitor: 3 Inch 
  • Vlogger Level: Entry Level

The A6000 is a camera for those looking to get into vlogging or starting to create videos. As the first iteration of the A6X00, it packs some of sony's best features pre- 4K. The A6000 is the most affordable camera in the line up,  it records in 1080p Full HD at 60 Frames per second, allowing you to capture beautifully clear video for up to 30 minutes at a time.

The A6000 is also blessed with Sony's leading Autofocus system, this camera contains 179 Auto Focus points, which is still more than a lot of other competitors at this range and more than enough if you're starting out as a vlogger.

Build Quality & Usability  -
The build quality on the A6000 is a very sturdy quality, easy to grip and use. Unfortunately it isnt weather sealed for those who are used to vlogging outside no matter what the weather.  The menu's  in are a bit more complex than new models in the line up but easy to navigate when you get used to it.One of my favourite features about this camera is that it contains  built in WiFi to transfer photos from your camera to your phone using the Sony App.  

Why Sony Cameras?

Video Resolution

Sony's 4K lineup From a6300, a6500, a6400 have downscaled 4K definition. These cameras capture video at 6K definition then bring it down it to 4K without pixel binning. You may be wondering, whats the big deal? Well in terms of video quality, it ensures that the video captured in 4K is crisp and clean. 

Best Auto Focus In Industry
Sony has quickly become king in Autofocus, in its newer cameras such as the A64/500 and the A7III contain 425 AF points and even contrast detection. This 4D Autofocus technology is some of the best in industry set at a very affordable price point versus cameras that have similar at $3k-$4k Price points.

Low Lighting Ability
Well known for their low light ability, the sony shines.

E-Mount (Lenses)
Unlike Canon and Nikon, Sony's Lenses use only one standard which they call the E-Mount. This ensures all your Sony lenses work interchangeably with other Sony cameras that have lenses, so as you add to your collection you can guarantee you can use these lenses with other Sony cameras.

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