Best Ring Light for Video

Best Ring Lights For Video

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Ring Lights are an easy way to step up your vlogging setup, smaller and cheaper than light boxes they provide excellent lighting for your camera and video content, especially when filming inside.

In this post, we're going to have a look at some of the best ring lights out there for video and vlogging. 

Best Ring Lights for Video


Inkeltech Ring Light

Best Overall

This has everything you need such as various lighting temperatures as well as the ability to dim the lighting from 0-100%. Easy to Use and great for YouTube Videos


Neewer Ring Light

Runner Up

The Neewer Ring Light has everything you need. Overall well built ring light with all the basic features needed to make great video content.


RovTop LED Mini Ring Light

Best Portable

The Desktop ring light is perfect for those starting out or on a budget. This is a mini ring light, best for close up shots, and easy to use.

best Ring Lights for YouTube Videos



  • Type: LED
  • Light Temperature: 3000-6000 
  • Dimmer Range: 1-100%
  • Power Usage: 60W

The Inkeltech Ring light is a 6000k LED Ring light that was quite surprising to us due to the number of features this ring light has for the price point! Working perfectly as a video ring light or selfie ring light! Let's dive in! 

Lighting Features

This ring light has a maximum light temperature of 6000k, which is very bright! One of the features which are great about this ring light is the ability to change the lighting temperature from 3000k-6000k. This ranges is from bright daylight to dim warmer tones depending on what you want.

You can change the color temperature of the light without having to change filters like other ring lights, and I mean less effort is always best!

In terms of dimming, you can dim this ring light all the way from 1 percent to 100 percent! You can get a white light or a warm lighting setting, which is beautiful with the click of a button! It is that simple.

Lighting Kit and Features

Similar to other LED ring light, this one also features a Lighting Kit to get you up and running. This consists of a lighting stand, the light, a carry bag, remote and mounting accessories for your DSLR or Smartphone. The carry bag makes it simple and easy to package it up when finished or bring it to another location to shoot some footage as it only weighs 4.5 lbs.

The remote is one of the most useful accessories with this light kit. You can control the lighting temperature and intensity with a click of a button! The remote also has three preset buttons that you can use for quick adjustments to your lighting setup, so you don't have to fiddle with settings. This is great for consistency of brightness and color when recording your video.

Quality - In terms of quality, the ring light is well made and quite easy to assemble. It comes with easy step by step instructions and contains a year warranty!


  • Lighting Temperatures from 3000-6000K 
  • Dimmable
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Well Built & Easy to use


  • May have to fiddle with the stand to attach the camera

Neewer Ring Light

  • Type: LED 
  • Light Temperature : 5500K
  • Dimmer Range: 1-100%
  • Power Usage: 55W

The Neewer ring light is the best ring light for video there, as the french vloggers would say, the Creme De La Creme of ring lights. You may be wondering why this has gotten the title of it, well here are a few reasons.

Lighting Features

The Ring Light itself is an 18 Inch ring light which is quite sizable and provides enough Light to Light up a room!

The light itself is made of 240 LED Lights which can emit up to 5500k daylight lighting! Usually, ring lights take a LOT of power, but this only consumes 55W. Making it very environmentally friendly while making your videos shine! Its a win, win!

I said it is pretty bright up there, and thankfully this light also features the ability to adjust the levels of brightness by dimming it from 1%-100 %. You control what level of Light suits best for your videos. Wether you want it daylight balanced or a warmer tone, you can do this!

Speaking of lighting for video, people film with a variety of different tools. Wether you have a DSLR, Compact or film for social media with a smartphone the Neewer Light kit has you ready for anything!

The light kit comes with a carry bag, Stand, A Filter set ( White and Orange), personally I do like the warm glow from the orange filter in specific settings, a Ball head hot shoe adapter and a smartphone holder that works with the latest smartphones such as iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 as well as Samsung, Huawei and more!

Build Quality & Kit

In terms of quality of the ring light, the light's stand is made from Aluminum alloy, which makes it very strong and sturdy. This gives a longer lifespan to the stand itself, especially if you are moving it about a lot if you vlog on while traveling etc.

Speaking of traveling, the ring light comes with its own carrying bag. This gives you the storage you need to store it safely and keep all the equipment together as well as the ability to bring it with you when you need it, for example, shooting video at another location. It contains a camera mount and a phone holder so you can shoot video with whichever you prefer.

The Neewer brand is excellent, if you have any issues with the ring light, contact them their brand reps are beyond helpful and get you on your way


  • Great Quality Light & Stand
  • Dimmable
  • Comes with Kit
  • Low Power Usage


  • Does not come packaged with instructions

Diva Ring Light Super Nova

  • Type: Bulb 
  • Light Temperature: 5500k
  • Dimmer Range: 20%-100%
  • Power Usage: 500W

The Diva ring light is one of the more expensive ring lights on the market, due to the fact it isn't using LED Lighting but a bulb to emit light. This is an 18 inch ring light, one of the larger ones on this list.

Lighting Features

The light temperature of this ring light is a daylight bulb at 5500K. It shines bright at full power but has the option to dim the light from 20% to 100% by simply turning the dial on the ring light. This gives a beautiful natural light feel to your videos.Speaking of dials, this is one of the only ring lights to have an on/off button. You can turn it on and off without having to plug it in and out all the time!

The light also comes with a diffusion cloth to create a softer, more natural effect to the lighting which looks even better on camera as well as makes it easier on your eyes for prolonged periods of recording video with the ring light.

View More Diva Ring Light Features On Amazon

Power Consumption

Compared to the  other LED lights on the list, the Diva Ring light does take a lot of power consumption of about 500W. This is something to keep in mind if you want to keep costs down overall.

Lighting Kit

This light kit does not come with a light stand, however, can be mounted quite easily to your existing tripod with its included mounting bracket for tripods.
Multiple Mounting Hardware Options: there's a z-bracket and a gooseneck so that you can pick what works. I bought a tiny tripod that works perfectly for my standing desk. All in, it's about 3ft tall with the tripod + diva ring.


  • Dimmable 20%-100%
  • 5500K Bright Lighting
  • Comes with Light Diffuser


  • 500W Power Consumption
  • Expensive

Geekoto Ring Light

  • Type: LED
  • Light Temperature: 3200K - 5500K
  • Dimmer Range: 1% - 100%
  • Power Usage: 48W

The Geekoto ring light is one of the most power-efficient lights on this list operating at 48W. As we have seen in our tripod list, geekoto offers excellent quality products, and this ring light is no different!

Lighting Features

Lighting - This LED ring light offers Color Temperature and Brightness adjustments. The color temperature ranges from a warm (3200K) to daylight (5600K) as well as a dimming range of 1-100%. Giving you a lot of lighting options to suit your video setup and needs.

The light head can rotate up to 180 degrees which allows you to position the head at angles that are most suited to your setup!

The downsides of this LED Ring are that it doesn't come with a remote control. Instead, the controls are located on the ring light itself and can be adjusted with the knobs.

Kit Features

It does come with a kit that offers a travel case, the power supply, a ball head for your DSLR or compact camera as well as a phone holder, and geekoto stand which is ideal for your YouTube or TikTok Videos.

The geekoto stands are well built and easy to use, its made from aluminum alloy clearly using their expertise in tripods to develop it, making it very sturdy.

Battery Powered Lighting

If you're shooting video outside, the Geekoto also offers battery support. Load it up with a pair of 7.4v lithium battery, and you're good to go! The battery, however, is sold separately but are quite inexpensive.


  • Color Temperature from 3200-5500
  • Dimmable from 1%-100%
  • Low Power Usage
  • Battery Powered For External Use


  • No remote control included

RovoTop Ring Light

  • Type: Mini LED
  • Light Temperature: 3 Tones
  • Power Usage: USB Powered

The Rovotop LED is one of the budget-friendly ring lights on this list, that is ideal for those who want to get started with a ring light without breaking the bank.
This is a smaller 10 & 6 inch ring light. You may be wondering what the difference is?

Smaller ring lights give a more shadowy effect overall and gloss to the subject whereas a larger ring light is brighter, displays more detail, and gives a more youthful appearance to the subject when taking selfies with the ring light.

Lighting Features

In terms of lighting, the rovotop LED light has ten levels of brightness and three temperatures. The temperatures include Cold, Natural, and Warm tones.

The stand can extend from 16 inches which is perfect for desktop vlogging setups to 51 inches for a studio setup.

What I loved about this tripod is the ability to power it with USB. Due to the small size of the LED Ring, it doesn't take that much to power it.

Its super easy to use, just plug it into your PC or Powerbank (if you're on the go), and you can get fantastic lighting wherever you are.

Included Items

The Rovotop doesn't come with a light kit but is small enough to put into a bag with ease. It does however come with a phone holder which is suitable for most smartphones. It also features a small remote which is super handy when recording video and you want to keep your position in the frame.


  • Great for those with smartphone/compact setups
  • USB Powered
  • 3 Lighting Temperatures
  • Very well priced


  • Smaller Light
  • No Kit Included

LED Ring Lights V Ring Lights with Bulbs


Over the past few years, LED lights are getting more and more popular over the traditional Bulb lights that is typical florescent or incandescent for a variety of reasons:

Power Savings

LED Lights are better for the environment, they don't draw as much power as bulbs. Typically you can expect to use about 65W using an LED Ring light versus 650W using a florescent ring light of the same size.

Durable & Portable

LEDs lights are more durable than the traditional ring lights, they don't break as easily due to the glass tubing which makes a ring light with a bulb a lot harder to transport.

The LED Light are more durable than the traditional lights, they dont break as easily due to the glass tubing which makes a ring light with a bulb a lot harder to transport.

What to look for in a ring light?

Color Temperature

Colour Temperature Changing or Filters - Many of the above include built in features such as colour temperature change, where the LED will change colour. The majority of ring lights that dont include this will however include filters that you can place over the light and will give you a different colour temperature.


Having a ring light that has the ability to dim is great as sometimes you dont need the full light intensity as it may be too bright. Most lights dim between 20-100%

Low powered

Lower power is better for the environment and your energy bill at the end of the month. 

Lighting Kits

Lighting kits are very handy to use, it makes it easy to pack up your ring light and bring it with you wherever you plan to make videos. It also includes items such as remotes, light stands and holders for cameras and phones.

How do Ring lights work

Ring lights work by creating lighting that imitates daylight using bulbs. This gives a more natural skin tone to the subject. 

Some ring lights include different temperatures to mimic different lighting situations such as warm lighting similar to that during a sunset, giving you warm orange tones.

Ring lights come in a variety of sizes, larger ring lights will emit more lighting if you're sitting away from the light. Smaller lights such as the Rovtop lights are better for up close ups.

How To Use a Ring light

Set up the ring light in front of your camera or mount your camera to the tripod making sure the camera is in the center of the ring light.

Once set up determine what lighting intensity is best for your video, use the dimmer options to change the amount of light to make you look best.

If you have a ring light with a colour temperature,  you can change the temperature of the lighting or if your ring light doesn't change temperature add the correct filter wether cold or warm to your ring light

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