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Best Friend Tag is a tag that will test you and your best friend’s friendship and knowledge of each other, with best friends it feels like you know them your whole life and know everything about them from sharing memories, doing crazy things together and knowing every embarrassing detail of each other’s life.

The best friend tag will help you evaluate just how well your friend knows you, though a lot of personal trivia and general facts that you know about each other. There are many of these tags which originate from Tumblr, facebook and even Buzzfeed but we have compiled the top 20 common questions to ask each other. This is an ideal game for sleepovers, parties and even hanging out with your best friend, you may even discover facts you didn’t know about your best friend! In the end, it just strengthens your friendship.

  1. How and when did you meet?
  2. What was your first impression of him/her?
  3. What’s your favorite memory together?
  4. Describe each other in one word.
  5. What’s their middle name?
  6. What’s their shoe size?
  7. List three items that he/she always carries with him/her?
  8. Favorite inside joke?
  9. If you were ordering a pizza for him/her, which toppings would he/she want?
  10. What’s their favorite food?
  11. What is their favorite ice-cream flavor?
  12. What’s their favorite Music Artist/Band?
  13. What are his/her favorite movies of all time?
  14. On a free day, he/she generally: a) Sleeps late b) Gets up at a normal time c) Gets up earlier
  15. What does he/she likes and dislikes?
  16. What are his/her strengths and weaknesses?
  17. What are his/her fears/phobia’s?
  18. Do you have nicknames for each other?
  19. Two things your best friend doesn’t know about you
  20. What do you admire most about your best friend?


How to answer these questions!

How and when did you meet?
This is one of the most important questions in any friendship and sometimes it can be different for each friend. One might have met you at a party that you cant remember or you may have met in a class you took together. Whatever it is try and think back to the time you met your bff and what you were like back then, just beware of the incoming tidal wave of nostalgia! You’ll probably notice you both have grown considerably.

What’s your favorite memory together?
This is one of my personal favorite questions. There are a ton of memories you and your best friend share, and choosing your favorite can be a hard task! You get to look back on all your memories together and everything you’ve done, normally some of the most craziest memories stand out and can be absolutely hilarious!

Favorite inside joke?
Favorite inside joke is something best friends just have to look at each other to communicate, I know the look my best friend gives me and I can’t help but laugh out loud. Mine is a term called “You Go Little Fish Fillet!” which may mean nothing to you but means so much to me and my bestie.
Your favorite inside joke is probably something you’ll both agree on instantly because you use it quite a bit!What are his/her fears/

What are his/her fears/phobias?

Fears and phobias are some of the best things about best friends, you know their fears because they’ve probably told you about them a lot! They range from rodents and insects to deep dark fears that may never come true. Luckily, my own friend expressed that she hates rats and being the good friend I am I bought a radio-controlled rat from Amazon on Aprils Fools Day and exploited her fear, pretty mean but it was hilarious!

What are his/her strengths?
This is a lovely question. It lets your best friend know you value them and think well of them in ways they may not have known.  So think deeply for a bit about this question and find their true strengths which can be really anything from a strength they developed from going through a hard time or a personal trait that they have thats very admirable.

Check out some great Best Friend Tag Videos:

Why not give the Best Friend Tag a go with your BFF and comment below with the link to your video! We’d love to see how you do!


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