Vlogging cameras are an essential for any YouTuber. One of the most in demand vlogging cameras are the flip screen type, for the obvious reason; they make it easier for YouTubers to create videos and do vlogs as you can see exactly what the camera is filming. It can be hard to find the perfect vlogging camera with an articulating screen as all cameras aren't made equal and some just aren't good for vlogging. Thats why we've created this list of the top 9 vlogging cameras with flip screens!




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Canon G7X



Sony Alpha a6000



Canon T6i



Samsung NX3000



Canon M10


What to look for in a vlogging camera with a flip screen

High Quality Video Performance - Video performance is possibly the most important aspect of a camera for any YouTuber. When evaluating which vlogging camera you should get, video should be one of your top priorities. You should aim to get a Full HD Camera that records at  least 30FPS with a preference on 60FPS or a 4K Ultra HD Camera if you really want to invest in your YouTube Videos.

Low Light capability - Low light capabilities are really important if you like to vlog when you're out with friends at night or record in low lit areas. This will allow you to record in low lit areas and still retain good quality video. This is a lifesaver and saves you time on editing to make the video brighter, which at times is really hard without affecting the quality.

Ease of Use - Ease of use is a given, the camera should have an easy to use navigation and user experience along with features such as WiFi/NFC transfer which makes video transfer easy from any device.


The G7X is a revolutionary vlogging camera to say the least. Its my own personal and favourite flip screen camera that I have used to date and has really taken my vlogging experience to whole new level.

The canon portable is a a sleek, portable and absolutely user friendly that is perfect for YouTubers. If you like traveling or vlog while on the road or simply vlogging about your daily life this camera is perfect. It’s a little powerhouse with over 20.2 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor, it also has a powerful Image Processor that makes all the difference when it comes to image and video quality and colour.

One of the best things about this camera is its ability to capture beautiful Full HD video that ranges up to 60 fps, which is absolutely ideal for high quality YouTube videos. The only downside to Full HD videos is that you’ll need quite a bigger SD card to capture a lot of footage!

The screen articulates or flips 180 degrees in order for you to see what you’re recording which is really useful when recording vlogs or taking selfies.

In terms of photography with the camera, G7X’s performance is unrivalled for a camera of this size due to the DIGIC 6 Image Processor which allows it to take full resolution high-speed constant shooting, including the professionally developed range of shooting modes.

While it has the video quality compatible only to a DSLR camera, the only downside to this camera is that it doesnt give you the option for interchangeable lenses which would be really useful.

2. Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

This new up and comer is one of the best mirrorless vlogging cameras out there made even better as it features a flip screen that tilts similar to that of the G7X above the camera at a 180 degree angle. I adore this camera as it has a multitude of features that are essential or vlogging.

One of the mean features is the 79-point focal plane phase-detection AutoFocus sensor which is great for both pictures and videos. The Alpha a6000 delivers stunning high quality video at 1080p @ 60 Frames per second, with that impressive colour gamut sony cameras have, that you come to expect.

sony vlog camera

This mirrorless has interchangeable lenses which is impressive for a camera of this size, this is perfect for any YouTuber to change lenses to a wide angle, fish eye etc for any vlogging scene.

It’s a compact, nicely built camera, and its lightweight quality makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket. In its compact shell the camera has some really useful features such as NFC & WiFi Transfer so you can transfer straight to Facebook or your phone without having to plug into your computer, because come on, who does that these days! ( I know us YouTubers are always at a computer editing!)

While you can set the camera to a plethora of different modes such autofocus, or continuous shooting mode, Panorama some aren't useful for shooting video but autofocus on this camera has truly been a lifesaver. While there are also a lot of presets on this camera, you do have a great level of control over video both for the manual exposure. There are also programmable/customisable function buttons on the camera for you to use!

With the built-in microphone, image stabilisation, and video recording, you can be sure of having series of great experience while making vlogging videos. This camera will make you want to plan and record more videos for your channel!

3. Canon T6i - 650D

Canon t6i vlog

Canon has kept things stable but thrilling in the vlogging world, canon is a camera brand of choice for most YouTubers. The T6I is no exception, although a DSLR, we felt the camera should be featured on this list due to the amount of YouTubers/Vloggers who use this camera .

The T6i/650D delivers Full HD movie at 30 frames per second with its 24.4 megapixel CMOS Sensor a. For me the canon has an amazing colour range as well as incredible auto-focus features with its 19 cross type auto focus system which makes it easier when you're recording and moving about within the frame.

The T6is is one of the more affordable DSLR cameras that has unrivalled quality. Photos taken with the T6I are absolutely stunning. While the kit lens that comes with the camera may not be the best for vlogging, the flip side is that with this DSLR like others, you have the ability to change your lenses to fit the video or scene. One of my favourite lenses to use with this camera is the wide angle lens for vlogging.

4. Samsung NX3000

The Samsung NX3000 is a new comer to this list. I have only discovered this camera in the past few months when my vlogger friend suggested it to me when I was looking for help finding a camera.

The NX3000 is an incredible lightweight and durable camera which makes it ideal for vlogging. And like the trend of this post, it also has a beautiful 3 inch flip screen that articulates 180 degrees.

Although it may look like a small camera, its a little beast on the inside! The NX3000 has a 20.3Megapixel CMOS sensor that has rich colours and captures video in 1080P Full HD for stunning video that your viewers will love. The camera comes with a 15-50mm power zoom lens which is perfect for recording vlogs and even taking pictures, but we're not too much about the pictures here at YouTubeSociety!

One feature I loved about this Samsung is that I could use an application on my phone to control the camera using Remote Viewfinder pro. This is perfect when you want to adjust camera settings or preview the images or setup of the camera before filming or taking a picture. You can even preview pictures on the app! Samsung have really upped their game in the camera space!

​Canon M10

YouTube Cameras

​The Canon M10 is a mid range Canon EOS Camera with a portable build! This camera has a 3 inch, 180 degree flip screen that flips up to show you what the camera is seeing through the viewfinder. The M10 also features a Digic 6 Image processor as seen in the T6i which offers a stunning colour gamut and imagery. The Camera shoots video in full HD recording at Full HD 1920×1080  at 30 frames per second.

The M10 has a stunningly fast autofocus sensor which is perfect for those who vlog on the move or move during vlogs, plus it has great low light capabilities. The M10 like other canon EOS devices, supports the changing of camera lenses. If you already have Canon EOS lenses, they will work perfectly with this compact camera!

Why a flip screen camera is better than a regular camera for vlogging

For many YouTubers, they want a top of the line camera with the best features such as high quality video, low lighting capabilities, portability and most of all ease of use. For Vloggers ease of use is one of the most important aspects and having a viewfinder or a flip screen on a camera makes it so much easier to vlog.

Why? Its simple. The articulating screen on a camera allows you to see exactly what you’re recording, how it will look to your viewers and if everything is in its place within the scene. This is especially important for YouTubers who vlog with a selfie stick or with the camera extended from them while walking around an area as sometimes the camera loses focus in high traffic/people dense areas or even when walking around. This ensures that you’re getting the footage you need for your video without loss of quality and without many re-takes.

Similar can be said for doing vlogs sitting down in front of the camera, I used to use a canon 500D and sometimes the focus would totally be out of sync, and due to not having a flip screen I didn't know until after I had a whole take done, which left me re-recording. This was the main reason I had to upgrade to a 70D and my portable vlogging camera,  the canon G7X.


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