10 Apex Legends YouTubers You Need To Watch

Having launched early February this year, Apex Legends is set to be one of the biggest games on Twitch and Youtube. While the game is still in its infant stage, it has already amassed over 50 million players in its first month! As expected, with the launch of the game, Respawn had sponsored a large number of streamers to cover it. Currently, the Apex Legends content creation scene in Youtube is booming, filled with both former pro players, former streamers and new talent.

Those listed below are a must watch, whether you enjoy either a chill atmosphere, good commentary or simple pure skill.

Best Apex Legends YouTubers

1. Dizzy

Regard as Apex’s first Legend, the streamer and YouTuber ground out monstrous hours in the game when it first launched. Less than 2 weeks after the game’s launch, Dizzy hit level 100, the first player in the game’s history. While there may have been others who streamed as many hours as Dizzy, his ability to level 100 first lied in his skill. Kills and wins largely increase EXP gain at the end of the match, with Dizzy’s constant top fragging and wins, it is no surprise he overtook the rest of the competition. Dizzy is simply a god at the game, always carrying any team, whether it be a casual game on stream or competitive tournament games alongside Ninja and KingRichard. While him gameplay may be absolutely mad, he’s always calm and an overall family friendly Youtuber and streamer.


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2. Mendokusaii

Mendokusai, also more commonly known as Mendo is another extremely skilled Apex YouTuber and streamer. Mendo is extremely consistent, with daily Youtube videos being uploaded. He explained in a video he has multiple video editors, all of which aims to push out great quality content at a steady pace. Mendokusaii is one of the greats in the Apex content creation scene, not only for his skill but willingness to teach viewers mechanics and exploits in the game. This can be clearly seen with his first Apex educational video “HOW TO BHOP & DOUBLE PUMP IN APEX LEGENDS” gaining almost 2 million views and launching his presence in Apex Legends.

3. Shroud

As most people know, Shroud originally rose to fame through competitive CS: GO, where he made a name for himself with his accurate shots and lightning-quick reaction times. Later retiring from the competitive scene, he moved into being a Youtuber and streamer. Shroud also posts frequent content, with a minimum of 5 videos a week on his Youtube channel, making him a reliable source of entertainment. His interaction with teammates and friends is particularly nice to watch, setting up a great cheery atmosphere in his stream. As expected, Shroud’s prowess in shooter games carried over in Apex Legends, continuing to be one of the greats in the scene. Shroud is definitely up there in the Youtube game, with over 4.4 million subscribers. Shroud’s personalized drawn thumbnails are simply pure art, and a sure reason to check him out.

4. Drift0r

While Drift0r grew his initial fan base through black ops 4 videos, his channel has already amassed 1.4 million subscribers, since Apex’s launch Drift0r has been exclusively making new Apex legends content. Drift0r is a great YouTuber, having a good mix of content from regular gameplay, to extremely in-depth guides. His educational champion guides explain a lot, from simple champion abilities, to how they should be used and in what areas. The recent Octane guide is a must watch, as the champion was recently launched, and covers it much better than any written patch note out there.

5. DrDisrespect

DrDisrescpect, also referred to as the Doc is another YouTuber and streamer you absolutely need to check out. While his YouTube content is fairly limited, the videos he puts are high quality, with great editing. Not to mention DrDisrespect is a very entertaining streamer that is also able to hold his own in game. Having had experience in other battle royales like PUBG and fortnite, the Doc is a formidable Apex player in his own right. The Doc’s Youtube video style is fast-paced, so for those that want to enjoy top quality content without spending too much time, DrDisrespect is a go-to Youtuber. The Doc will without a doubt be a great Apex supporter from here, considering his open distaste for Fortnite, a game he stated he was compelled to play due to his stream.

6. TimTheTatman

Another widely popular streamer and Youtube that branched out in the Apex scene. While TimTheTatman may not produce solely exclusive Apex content, there remain a steady stream of videos available. His eccentric personality in combination with in-game skill makes TimTheTatman one of the top YouTubers out there. Tim frequently interacts and plays with other popular streamers and YouTubers, making his content much more entertaining. His videos are edited to include all the action, yet not overly edited to ensure there is context to lines and plays made. Overall, a very entertaining streamer, while he may not be as great in-game compared to others in the list, his entertainment factor is sky high.

7. Aculite

Since the game’s launch, Aculite has been only posting Apex Legends content on his YouTube channel. Aculite pushes out very solid Apex Legends content, mostly just gameplay with friends. While the content is simple, the commentary is entertaining to watch. The videos also usually contain a surprise or unexpected factor, which is rarely seen in Streamer Youtuber videos who take all their content from their twitch streams. Aculite also plays a variety of champs in a video, increasing the video’s watch value considering many Apex YouTubers play a single champion, which gets a bit boring after watching for a prolonged period.

Which of these YouTubers have you watched before? Are there any that you absolutely love that should be added on the list? Comment below so we, and other readers can check them out!

8. Zylbrad

Zylbrad has a range of different apex videos, from the traditional casual game play, to more interesting ones like “When GIRLS Play Apex Legends” and “How to portal Troll in Apex”. While Zylbrad only occasionally posted once or twice a week prior to the launch of Apex Legends, he now uploads daily Apex videos for your enjoyment. His 3 recent Octane videos following the champion’s release outlines he is willing to properly cover content. Overall, a must watch youtuber with greats jokes and a decent sense of humour that will get you going for a while.

9. iTemp Plays

The first and only PS4 Apex Legends player on the list, iTemp Plays is someone you have absolutely to check out if you are on console. As many know, while the game may look the same on PC and console, movement and aim is much harder to control. iTemp Plays is a great console player with skills that could definitely dominate on PC, a platform that players are considered to have an advantage from. His accent also makes his videos much more enjoyable, making him widely different from traditional North American Youtubers. Another differentiation factor is iTemp Plays commentates on his plays, making him an educational Youtuber, great for new players.


TTHump is a professional Apex Legends player currently signed to Team SoloMid, one of the biggest organisations in esports. While TTHump has an irregular upload schedule, the content is good quality. His videos are not purposely stretched to meet the 10 minutes mark for Youtube’s algorithm. On top of the game commentary and banter he has with his teammates, TTHump is a great, yet underrated Youtuber. Ofcourse, being a pro player for TSM, he hits some crazy shots, with his videos being a pure testament to his skill.

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