Beauty Vlogger Video Ideas

As a beauty blogger there are a ton of videos you can create to entertain your audience. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect one, especially if you have a creative block or are in need of some inspiration! We have come up with a list of some great beauty blogger video ideas that you can use for your channel or take inspiration from! Check out the list below!

Make Up Bag Video
Every girl has a makeup bag full of product! Why not take it out, go through it and give your opinion on the each of the items, how much you use them and if you’d recommend your viewers to try them. You can even try some of the products on camera for your viewers to see exactly how they work.

Makeup Tutorials
Makeup tutorials are all the rage, there are so many different ways to apply makeup and various different styles.  People love creative and innovative ways to create fabulous looks even if it may seem a little out of the ordinary such as using a condom as a beauty blender, which garnered millions of views. So why not create a video of you applying your favorite styles or showing how celebrities achieve their red carpet looks?

Empties Video
An empties video is a video reviewing the products that you’ve finished with and your experience with those products. With empties videos, you can tell your audience exactly what you thought of the products, how you used them, showcase the looks you achieved with those products and if you would buy them again! For example, on one of my favorite beauty blogs, AvantVous, she reviews her empties nearly every month and gives a clear indication of what she liked and didn’t like about the products she used!

Product Reviews 

In the world of cosmetics, new products are coming out constantly with bold claims that are supposed to fix or improve everything and anything. People want to find out do these products actually work and live up to their bold claims. By reviewing these products you will build a core audience who are interested in these types of products and beauty in general who if engaged will subscribe and come back for more. You will not only get attention from your target audience but also brands if your videos become popular enough which may result in sponsorships or getting more products to try out!

Monthly Favourites
Monthly favorites videos show your favorite tools and products that you used that month. In this video, you can showcase the styles you achieved this month and the products that you used consistently to achieve them.

Hairstyle Tutorials

Can you show your audience how to do a variety of styles on their hair? Got a few techniques that make doing your hair a whole lot easier? Why not show the world with a hairstyle tutorial video! You can show how you use your tools such as hair straighteners, curlers,  to achieve amazing looks or tips on how to maintain their hair. If you choose to do hairstyle tutorial videos there’s a ton you can do that will keep the audience coming back!

Morning/Evening/Daily Routine
Everyone has a routine, some people even have multiple for when they wake up in the morning, their nightly routine to cleanse your face before you go to bed and your routine for during the day for going to work, going to a party or just staying at home chilling!  People love these videos because they can get a lot of tips and ideas for themselves to use.

Beauty Blogger Tag

Beauty Blogger Tag is a tag made up of 15 questions that will make you think about different aspects of your life as a beauty blogger. This tag is great for beauty bloggers whose fans want to know more about their routines and their views on beauty, they may even get a few tips exploring new beauty brands along the way! We have the beauty blogger tag exclusively here on!

Q&A Video
Question and answer videos are really popular. This is your chance to truly engage with your audience and answer some of your audiences most asked questions.You can look down at the comments on your blog or ask your fans on Facebook/tweet or in a previous video to send in questions that they would like answered. In each video, there are usually 10 or more questions answered in a video from 7-10 minutes!

Travel Essentials Video
Summer is coming around and everyone is looking to find out what are the beauty essentials for the summer season to protect your skin in holiday essentials, makeup for summer getaways or festivals or even festival essentials video!

Haul Video
A Haul video is a video that you make after buying a ton of beauty items and equipment. You then show everything you bought on camera, where you bought it and how much it costs. It’s basically the unboxing videos for the beauty blogger world. These videos can be monthly, seasonally or for an occasion.

Top 10 lists
Lists are immensely popular right now, just look at Buzzfeed and their list videos! In these top 10 favorites video, you can give your top 10 favorite products in a variety of topics, like top 10 summer styles, top 10 Halloween looks. Top 10 Beauty Blenders Under $10. The opportunities are endless and your audience is bound to love them!

Monthly Beauty Box Video
Some beauty bloggers have a subscription to a beauty box where they get a variety of different beauty products monthly. If you have a subscription you can make a video of this every month and show what you get and compare the RRP to the price of the box and see how much you saved.

You can also make follow up videos reviewing each of the products individually or making styles with them!

Runway/Award Style Critique or How To Achieve Video
Runways or Award Style Critique videos are literally one of my favorite video types especially when they have a comedic aspect to them such as Grace Helbig’s videos. You can do an analysis of each celebrities outfit, where they got them and even do a how to achieve this look for less.

Once you have created your video or are a beauty blogger who wants to get out there, post a link to your channel or the video you created in the comments! We would love to see it!

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