Alissa Violet’s Vlogging Camera

You may be wondering what Vlogging camera, Clout Gang Member Alissa Violet uses for her vlogs and well known Instagram. Well we have the answers below!

What Camera does Alissa VIolet Use?

Canon G7X Mark II - Vlogging Camera

‚ÄčAlissa Violet uses the Canon G7X Mark II to vlog on her main YouTube Channel. 

In the video "Why I Quit YouTube" we see that Alissa is using the G7X II. 

This camera is the perfect, lightweight and portable solution for most vloggers. It provides 1080pHD resolution as well as in built image stabilisation for on the move vloggers.

We would recommend this camera for YouTubers who are looking to get a start into vlogging on YouTube.

What Tripod Does Alissa Violet Use?

ManFrotto Pixi

In the Video "I Quit YouTube" we also see Alissa using the the Manfrotto Pixi along with her G7X II.

Using the tripod in this way makes it easier to hold the camera while you record the video, as you can see Alissa do.

Manfrotto Pixi is a well known Tripod Brand and one of the best mini tripod's available at the moment!

What Instagram CAmera does Alissa VIolet Use?

iPhone XS Max - Instagram Camera

For Instagram and Social Media, Alissa Violet uses the iPhone XS Max. This can record in 4K as well as has a 1080p HD front facing camera.

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