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Alissa violet is a well known YouTuber, Instagrammer, Model, Actress based in LA. You may be wondering, just what is Alissa’s net worth? Find out in this look into Alissa’s career and potential earnings.

What is Alissa Violets Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
NameAlissa Violet
Place of BirthBrunswick, Ohio
Known ForYouTube, Modelling, Acting, Vine
YouTube ChannelAlissa Violet

Early Days

Alissa Violet was born in Brunswick Ohio, on the 12th of June 1996. She was born into a family with two other brothers. Alissa graduated from Brunswick High School in 2014. From a young age, Alissa was interested in modeling and acting and always wanted to pursue her passion, During her time in Ohio, she worked at Panera Bread.

When Alissa was shopping at the mall, some kids asked her to take them to the Team 10 meetup to meet Jake and Logan Paul. Jake then exchanged numbers with Alissa, after some time texting Jake became fond of Alissa and insisted she come to LA. Alissa got a one-way ticket to LA and during those two weeks she was there, she met with 5 modeling agencies. From those modeling agencies, 4 out of the 5 offered her contracts.


In May 2015, Alissa Violet took one of the contracts offered and officially started her career in modeling signed to Next Models. Once signed, she officially moved to Los Angeles. She lived with a houseful of models but then later parted Next Modelling agency.

Acting Roles

Alissa violet has had a variety of roles, which are available on her IMBD here.

In 2016, Alissa played the role of Kylie in 4 Episodes of A Series Called “The Deleted” where 3 seemingly unconnected people disappear in LA, which sparks paranoia from people who have previously escaped a cult.

In 2017, Alissa starred in Party in the back where comedians and creators do anything but work.

Team 10

After Next Modelling Agency, she was invited to join Social Media Management company and Incubator Team 10. Team 10 had a mansion, where Alissa lived with other members of Team 10 at the time Jake Paul, Alex Lange, Aj Mitchel, Lucas Dobre, Neels Visser, and Marcus.

Alissa was the first female Team 10 Member. She soon created a vine account and amassed over 600,000 followers before the app closed. Thankfully she had already created a YouTube Channel months before and transitioned over to YouTube with ease. Her first vlog was about her life in the team 10 house.

In February 2017, Alissa was removed from the Team 10 house due to conflicts that had arisen between the two parties. This resulted in a Diss track from Paul “It’s Everyday Bro”.

Clout Gang

In September 2017, Alissa officially joined Clout Gang, a rival social media influencer group to Paul’s “Team 10” and moved into the Clout House. Before officially joining Clout Gang, Alissa and Rice Gum Collaborated on a Diss Track “It’s Every night Sis”.

How much does Alissa Violet Make on YouTube?

According to Socialblade, Alissa’s videos get approximately 80,000 views per day which works out at approximately $320 or $9,600 a month.

Yearly, Alissa violet makes approximately $144,000 a year from her YouTube Channel.

Alissa has approximately 3.5 Million Subscribers on YouTube, she also does brand deals with companies to advertise links in videos. We presume Alissa gets paid an upfront fee for these videos, and (5-10%) commission from the links when viewers purchase products using her links.

Alissa’s Other Forms of Income

Alissa’s is primarily an Instagram Celebrity, she has over 9 Million Followers on Instagram. Her engagement rates are quite high, allowing her to make a substantial extra income from promotions on her instagram. Alissa can charge anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 per promotion on her Instagram Account. In the past she has promoted brands such as BooHoo.

Alissa also makes income through modeling gigs, acting gigs and starring in other YouTubers collaborations.

Alissa’s Violet’s Assets

Alissa owns a Black Mercedes SUV and bought a Lamborghini in 2018.