Alisha Marie Net Worth

Alisha Marie McDonald is a famous YouTube Beauty Guru and well known Vlogger from Riverside County, California. McDonal currently has 8.2 Million subscribers to her channel. You’re probably wondering what Alisha Marie’s net worth is, read on and find out how much this Lifestyle & Beauty YouTuber is worth!

Name:Alisha Marie McDonald
Date of BirthApril 5th, 1993
FromRiverside County, California, USA
ChannelAlishaMarie, Alisha Marie Vlogs
Net Worth$5.5 Million

Early Life

Alisha Marie was born into a christian family in Riverside County, California. She has an older sister, Ashley Nichole who is two years older than Alisha who also has a YouTube Channel. She also has a brother called Matthew who appeared in this vlog.

During her early life, she was very studious at school where she attended, Arrowhead Christian High School. Alisha Marie was even musically talented being involved in the schools Jazz Band for 7 Years.After High School McDonald went to Riverside City College, where she was also a cheerleader!

YouTube Career

Alisha Marie started her YouTube channel in April of 2008, 3 years later she uploaded her first video in January of 2011.

When Alisha Marie first started her channel, she started posting Make Up Videos, as time went on she diversified into lifestyle and comedy videos such as Pranks, DIY, Beauty, Room Tours, Story Times, Make up, Routines and popular genre videos.

Subscribers love Alisha Marie for her high energy, fun and hilarious videos, she really relates to her audience and can be seen like a friend due to her warm and kind nature.

Her most popular video, Funny Pranks!! Roommate wars!! reached 42 Million Views and is one of her funniest videos!

Alisha Marie is signed with Fullscreen, a YouTube MNC. In 2016, Alisha Marie and other popular YouTubers such as Niki and Gabi, Jessie Paege, and Alyson Stoner Toured around the US performing the “Girls Night In” tour.

Alisha Marie has collaborated with big brands such as Disney, Cartoon network, JC Penney and more. Along with YouTubers such as Josh Peck, Morgan Adams, Her Sister Ashley Nichole and More!

Subscriber MilestoneDate Achieved
2,000,000August 4, 2015
3,000,000March 15, 2016
4,000,000August 3, 2016
5,000,000March 6, 2017
6,000,000August 12, 2017
7,000,000February 25, 2018
8,000,000February 14, 2019

How Alisha Marie Makes Money on YouTube

Marie is part of Google’s Advertising Program for YouTube. On average Alisha’s content gets viewed more than 611,000 times per day. This can bring up to $2,400 per day according to
This gives her an average of $700,000 a year total revenue from her main channel. However this is before taxes.

Her second channel, Alisha Marie Vlogs has 3.1Million Subscribers and has a daily average of about 188,000 views which amounts to an estimated $700 per day and roughly $250,000 a year.

So it is estimated Alisha Marie earns a total of approximately $950,000 – $1,000,000 from YouTube yearly, again before taxes.

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Alisha Marie’s Other Forms of Income – This is Alisha Marie’s Merch site where she sells a variety of merch from Tops, Sweaters and Posters. We cannot estimate how much Alisha Marie earns from this venture but this also supplements her overall yearly income.

Instagram Collaborations – Alisha Marie has a following of 3.9 Million followers on Instagram. Alisha Collaborates with companies such as Starbucks, CocaCola, skin care lines such as Olay and Simple with a host of more. This is another additional revenue stream, we estimate it would cost a minimum of $10,000 per instagram story due to the number of followers and engagement rate of her account.

PrettyBasicPodcast – Alisha Marie and her best friend Remi Cruz host the Pretty Basic podcast. Both YouTubers have a combined social media following of 28 Million.

Each podcast is sponsored by a company which pay for mentions at the start or during the podcasts. This funds the podcast and gives them another source of revenue, we don’t know how much money advertisers pay as this would be confidential between the hosts and the company.

The podcast is like having a sleepover with your best friends discussing the life of a YouTuber, Gossip and Boy Drama and more! Its available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

Alisha Marie’s Assets

Alisha Marie’s LA home is approximately 3500Ft featuring five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The total estimated worth of McDonal’s house comes to an approximate $2.5 Million Dollars according to

Alisha Marie has been living in this home since 2017 and has featured it on her vlogging channel as she moves into the house.

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