Ali A Net Worth

Ali A is one of YouTube’s Top Gaming YouTubers with over 16.5 Million subscribers. You may be wondering how much is one of YouTubes most successful gamers worth? Check it out below to find out more!

NameAlister Aiken
Date of Birth06-November-1993
Lives inLondon
Known forYouTube, Gaming
Net Worth$16 Million

Ali A Net Worth

Ali A is estimated to be worth an approximate $16 Million. This estimate comes from revenue made through the YouTube partnership Program through the years, revenue from brand deals and sponsorships, TV shows and estimates of his assets such as his house and cars.

How Does Ali A Make Money


Ali A has 16.5 Million YouTube Subscribers and gains approximately 40Million Video views per month. It is estimated that Ali A makes $150,000 per month thanks to advertisements through YouTubes Partnership Program, and over $2 million per year through the program.

YouTubes partnership program pays approximately $3-$8 per 1000 views of advertisements on his videos. This is dependant on a variety of factors which can be seen in our YouTube CPM article here.

Support a Creator

As Ali A is now primarily a Fortnite YouTuber, Ali A makes use of Epic Game’s Support a Creator programme. This allows Ali A to make money from purchases on the Epic ‘s Fortnite Store $5 per every 10,000 Vbucks.

His fans simply put in his creator code and once purchased supports creators like Ali A. To Support Ali A Simply use the Code “AliA” in your fortnite support a creator.


Ali A also streams on twitch, mostly while he’s creating content for his YouTube videos. His following on twitch is a lot smaller than his YouTube Channel however in recent months he has been streaming a lot more regularly and is currently the top 300 channels on twitch for Fortnite.

Twitch Partnership is similar to that of YouTubes partnership program, you get paid for watched advertisements on the channel which are typically shown before and during the video stream to non Twitch Prime members. You can also earn approximately $3.50 per subscriber on twitch.


Ali A has a following of over 2.6 Million on his instagram with the handle (@AliA). He does various sponsored posts on his instagram, for example most recently a sponsored post with his LG Gaming Monitor.

Promotions like this from an influencer of this size can cost upwards of $30,000 per campaign. It is noted that AliA does not post sponsored content frequently on his Instagram and leaves months between posts.

Sponsored Brand Deals

Due to Ali A’s large following many companies have expressed interest in partnering up with Ali A to promote their games or their products to his audience.

In the past few years Ali A has had brand deals with Blizzard, LG, Monster, Alienware and Ubisoft. This has included use of the product in videos, sponsored posts on instagram including stories and live streams.


Ali A owns a variety of merchandise with his infamous AliA logo through FanFiber which is located at Ali A Created his own comic book in 2018 to launch along side his merchansid Called the Ali A Adventures – Game on!

We presume the margins from this are 40%+ but we do not have any sales estimates available.

Ali A Personal Life

Ali A, who’s real name is Alister Aiken was born in London, UK in November 1993. Not much is known about Ali A’s early life other than that he had a very good school life, a lot of friends and enjoyed his school experiences when he was younger.

Ali A Career

Ali A Started YouTube channel back in 2006 but did not start creating videos until 2009.

In November 2009, when he had just turned 16 Years of age and He started uploading call of duty gameplay. Like many YouTubers, it took Ali quite some time to gain popularity, approximately 5 years to gain 100k subscribers. He hit 1M Subscribers in 2013, 5M Subscribers by 2015 and 8M Subscribers by 2016 and 16 Million by 2019.

In 2013, Ali A Created a second channel titled “More Ali A” that has over 7 Million Subscribers to date. Ali created this channel in order to play different games such as Minecraft, Skyrim, Pokemon Go, and vlogs as his subscribers to his main channel were mostly interested in Call of Duty content at the time.

His Second Channel, More Ali A picked up on the release of Pokemon Go, like fortnite it was a world wide phenomenon although a lot shorter lived. During this time he racked up over 100Million views on this channel!

2015 – Guinness Book of World Records – 4 Records

Most Subscribed ChannelCall of Duty
Most Viewed ChannelCall of Duty
Tallest Staircase in 1 MinMinecraft
Most Blocks of Wood Collected (3 Mins)Minecraft

2015 – TV Appearances & BBC Deal

Ali A Made Appearances on BBC, about YouTube Red and featured along KSI and others on a Documentary called Rockstar Gamers. He also did interviews with BBC on how gamers can improve their gameplay!

Due to Ali A’s popularity with the younger demographics who watch his videos, Ali A hosted a tv show called “Ali A’s Superchargers” where he would supercharge family cars with the help of the children in that family for the BBC’s Children’s Channels.

2017 – Fortnite and Beyond!

Ali A Fortnite – When fortnite came out Ali A started playing, because of the tremendous success of fortnite this kickstarted his channel and started gaining 1M+ views per video. At this time Ali switched over to fortnite completely and started uploading daily to keep algorithms happy and views up.

He Successfully adapted to the fortnite trend, to keep his channel relevant and has clocked over 1B fortnite views to date! Viewers loved his videos and he gained over 8 Million subscribers during this time.

Ali A Assets


Ali A Lives in a house estimated to be worth $1.5M.

Ali A Car

Ali A owns an Audi R8 is estimated to be worth $250,000 and a Tesla Model X P100D which is worth approximately $170,000

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