Alex Wassabi Net Worth

Alex Wassabi Net Worth

Alex Wassabi is a famous YouTube Vlogger, Singer, Actor and Instagram star with over 11 Million Subscribers to date. You may be wondering how Alex got his YouTube Fame, How much money he makes on YouTube and his current net worth!

Real NameAlex Burriss
Date of Birth28th March 1990
Place of BirthGreat Falls, Montana
Known ForYouTube
Net Worth$7 Million USD

What is Alex Wassabi’s Net Worth?

Alex Wassabi’s Net Worth is an estimated $7 Million US Dollars. This is based on Alex’s earnings from YouTube over the years, sponsorships and collaborations and assets such as his house and car.

Early Life

Alex was born in Great Falls, Montana and lived with his Mom, Dad and his three siblings, two brothers named Aaron and Andrew and his sister Mariah.

When Alex was young, they moved to Lexington, Kentucky and went to North Carolina for Middle school, where he met his former YouTube Partner Roi. Alex described himself as hyper in middle school, and was later diagnosed with ADHD which made it hard for him to focus on things, but when Alex took interest in a subject he payed great attention.

The Two wassabi’s used to live in the same neighbourhood around 3 houses down from each other. Roi created wassabi in 2005 and Alex later joined him. They created hilarious sketches, music video parodies and more.

YouTube Career

Alex and Roi created Wassabi in 2006, where they created lip syncs, sketches, parodies and funny videos. They gained fame for their call me maybe parody which amassed millions of views.

There were 5 Wassabi Boys in the early days of Wassabi Productions. In 2010 Drew, Rob, Marvin, and Matt quit the channel as they wanted to pursue and focus on other life aspirations other than making videos. Roi and Alex were the only two left on Wassabi productions, where they later created one of their best known videos, “Call Me Maybe” parody which amassed millions of views.

Later Roi and Alex moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue their dreams of becoming YouTubers. However, in 2016 Roi left the Wassabi channel to focus on his other Gaming Channel. Alex was left as the last Wassabi and created his own channel where he films funny content, lifestyle content, music videos and more.

How Much Does Alex Wassabi Make on YouTube?

Alex is part of the YouTube Partnership programme which allows him to monetize his video views. Partners in the program can earn anywhere from $3-$10 per 1000 views depending on a variety of factors which are covered in our YouTube CPM article.

According to SocialBlade, Alex receives approximately 40 Million video views per month. This amounts in a sum of approximately $115,000 per month in advertiser revenue. Per year, Alex makes approximately $1.2 million dollars.

Alex Wassabi’s Other Forms of Income

Alex also has his own merchandise line which feature t-shirts, hoodies and other branded merchandise that his fans can purchase to represent over on Alex promotes this via his YouTube Videos & Instagram.

Instagram Sponsorships & Paid Collaborations
Alex has a large following of 3.7 Million followers on Instagram. He has partaken in promotion of other brands in paid collaborations for example Old spice, Nickelodeon, Google with their Pixel Phone and more.
It is estimated he makes anywhere from 20k+ per collaboration due to account size and following.

Alex has released music on iTunes and Spotify that he makes money from downloads/streams of. This is another form of income for Alex, we are unsure of sales figures so we cannot estimate how much he makes from this venture.

Alex Wassabi’s Car

Alex drives a Mercedes AMG-GT V8 with an estimated worth of $160,000

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