Adam LZ Vlogging Camera

Adam LZ Vlogging Camera & Equipment

Adam LZ is a well known BMX and Auto YouTuber. Adam LZ has a subscriber count of over  2.4 Million Subscribers and a net worth of $3.2Million. Want to know what camera and equipment LZ uses for his vlogs? Find out below.

What Camera Does Adam LZ Use?

Canon G7X Mark II - Vlogging Camera

Adam LZ uses the  Canon G7X Mark II as his primary vlogging camera. The Canon G7X II is one of the most popular cameras to use when vlogging and for good reason. 

It produces 1080P HD video, has fast autofocus ability and great in body image stabilisation, which is great for Adam LZ as he moves around a lot in his vlogs. 

We would recommend this camera for YouTubers who are looking to get a start into vlogging on YouTube.

GoPro Hero 5  - Action Camera

Adam uses the G7X II to record his main vlogs, but also has a Go Pro Hero 6 in his arsenal. He uses the Hero 6 for action scenes such as BMX or Racing as it requires a camera that is shockproof.

If you're an action vlogger, the Hero 6 is definitely one to check out. If you're looking for a complete list of the best action cameras, check out our Best Action Cameras 2019 Article!

What Microphone Does Adam LZ USe?

Adam uses the Rode Video Mic Pro Plus, this is a favourite amongst many vloggers including Lily Singh. This is attached to his G7X II and used to capture the audio in his vlogs.

Røde as you know, produce some of the best microphones out there, giving unbeatable and reliable audio quality each and every time. This is a pricy mic but worth the investment after you've bought a vlogging camera, if your'e serious about YouTube.

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