8 YouTube Gaming Video Ideas

Gaming is one of the biggest categories on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of gaming videos being uploaded each day. We’ve seen some of the biggest channels such as PewDiePie’s being the most subscribed YouTuber out there.

We have developed a list of gaming video ideas that you can use to develop and grow your own gaming channel to engage your viewers.

1. Let’s Plays

Let’s plays are by far the most common type of gaming videos out there. They are the key to any gaming channel. Many gaming YouTubers start out by making a let’s play series of games like Minecraft, Plants V Zombies, and Overwatch.

Lets plays involve you recording your gameplay but require a lot of personality to keep viewers interested, therefore you will need to have a very outgoing personality with ongoing commentary to keep people watching.

The average lets play for most YouTubers is 10-15 minutes, when you’re starting out aim for 7-10 minutes and try to engage the audience as early as possible in the video in order to build your audience. 7-10 minutes of interesting content can take anywhere from an hour plus to get. Before making the video you should outline what you want to achieve, what tone you want to commentate in and is there a role play of some sort?

For the most part recording itself can be difficult for YouTubers starting out as talking to yourself while recording can seem daunting but you will get used to this, build confidence and will start producing better content.
2. Tutorials
Tutorial Videos, as you can guess from the name are based on how-tos with an added commentary. These tutorial videos help other gamers with areas or aspects of a game that they aren’t able to accomplish such as beating a boss in World of Warcraft or mastering a certain move/skill within a game.

Your tutorials are usually between 4-7 minutes long, with a lot of detail going into the step by step process of achieving the desired outcome. Make sure the video is easy to understand and explain the process in the clearest way possible.

3. Gaming News
As a gamer, you probably see gaming news all over your Facebook timeline or hear it mentioned by your friends. Why not create a Video about news that is happening around the gaming world or your favorite game specifically. For example, The overwatch anniversary is out and there is double XP. You could talk about various aspects of the anniversary and what’s currently news within overwatch.

You can find Reddit a good source of gamer news and discussion, but you can also give personal news about your gaming setup, news about a new game or partner you’re going to try out.  Remember, although its news, try not to be too serious. They want to see your personality shine through and your own opinions so try to keep the tempo up!

4. Gaming Tips & Analysis
Gaming Tips and Analysis of gameplay are becoming more mainstream. In this video you either obtain footage of someone else or your own footage and highlight areas where you can improve on nextime though a critical evaluation of your gameplay. This is good to highlight where you are playing well, which will allow other viewers to obtain a good technique and understand what not to do when they are playing!

5. Streaming Commentaries
Live commentaries are immensely popular on sites like Twitch and YouTube. They allow the audience watch you play in real time and listen to your live commentary and even interact with you through the stream comments. Fans love these types of videos because they are seeing the real un-edited you, they can witness your own reactions to the game whether good or bad, and sometimes the streamer forgets that they’re even streaming!

6. Gaming Discussions
Discussions are different from news and let’s play commentaries. They explore the lore of the game, its future development and create hypothesis that engages the viewer. You can discuss your own different views or research you’ve done to find out the facts you have presented! A great example is Stylosa, an overwatch youtuber with this video:

7. Gaming Highlight Videos

Gaming highlight videos are really popular at the moment, especially in the world of overwatch and call of duty. These videos are basically the game highlights or a complication of videos from high level players who play extremely well, which is entertaining to watch. Got a multi-kill or have recorded a stream where you or another gamer played impeccably? Why not put all the clips together in a montage or highlight video!

8. Gaming Reviews
Gaming reviews are pretty interesting, but mainly larger youtubers do them, saying that you can break into the review space quite easily if the game/product your reviewing is still in its initial hype phase.

People love reviews and finding out what other people think of things such as games, peripherals and more. Reviews not only give you the opportunity to get a larger audience but also bring in money through partnerships with companies who may ask you to review their products (this must be disclosed to your viewers). You should try and keep the video length of the review to about 5-6 minutes to cover it enough but not bore the watcher.

Before making the review video, make a list of pro’s and cons and the features/things you loved about the game in order to give a full comprehensive review. And as always put your personality into it!

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