77 Fun 7 Second Challenge Ideas

A lot of YouTubers and Influencers on TikTok have been taking the 7 Second Challenge! We have posted a list of 100 7 Second Challenge ideas that you can try for your own videos!

What is the 7 Second Challenge

The Seven Second Challenge is an internet challenge done by a lot of YouTubers, Instagrammers and TikTok users that makes you do a task in under 7 seconds.

But whats the challenge in it? Some of the challenges are hard to do in under 7 Seconds.

How To Do The 7 Second Challenge

The 7 Second Challenge can be done anywhere, at any time, and it’s relatively fast, It just takes 7 Seconds! You will need yourself, a Camera if you choose to record a video while doing the challenge, or you can simply do it for fun with your friends, at a sleepover and even when you’re out as a party game! Set a Timer for 7 Seconds, and see if you can accomplish any of the below ideas!

If you’re thinking up of ideas, think no more, we have over 100 Ideas to choose from! Just pick the ones that seem the most fun or the most challenging to you!

7 Second Challenge Ideas

  1. Name 5 Disney Movies
  2. Do 5 pushups
  3. Spell your name backward
  4. Do Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
  5. Makeup a rap in 7 seconds.
  6. Butter two slices of bread
  7. Count from 1 to 10 In another language
  8. Count from 1 to 15 backward
  9. Say 10 Cuss words.
  10. Do your lipstick without mistakes in 7 seconds.
  11. Put on 5 layers of clothing in 7 Seconds.
  12. Do the Macarena
  13. Write your name with your secondary hand.
  14. Make your bed in 7 Seconds
  15. Drink a whole pint
  16. Eat 6 McNuggets
  17. Name 10 characters in Game Of Thrones
  18. Say โ€œShe sells sea shells on the sea shore” correctly
  19. Name 5 Songs from Beyonce
  20. Tie a pair of shoes
  21. Do your nails on one hand
  22. Name 10 states in the US
  23. Name 7 Countries in Europe
  24. List 10 Presidents
  25. Brush your teeth
  26. Take off both socks
  27. Crawl 5 meters
  28. Name 5 Animals starting with D
  29. List 5 Tech companies
  30. Grab a grain of rice with chopsticks

31. Do 10 Jumping Jacks
32. Solve a riddle.
33. Knick Knock on a neighbors door
34. Name 5 Marvel Movies
35. Say 5 Spanish Names
36. Say the entire alphabet
37. Order an Uber
38. Get your dog to sit
39. Eat an entire ice cream scoop
40. Run up and down the stairs
41. Chop a carrot into more than 5 pieces.
42. Do a smokey eye look on an eye
43. Recite the Barney theme song
44. Call your mom and tell her I love You.
45. Order a pizza with your favorite toppings.
46. Send Cryptocurrency to one of your friends.
47. Make a coffee with cream and sugar.
48. What is 123*365?
49. How many minutes in 1 hour?
50. Lick your elbow

60. Make a TikTok Video
61. Act out a scene from Mean Girls
62. Name 5 DC movies.
63. Name 7 Superheroes
64. What is your Starbucks order?
65. Eat a whole packet of M&Ms
66. Name each member of the Kardashian family
67. Make up a funny rhyme
68. Wet Willie the person beside you
69. Do a scare cam
70. Speak in 5 Different Accents.

71. Do 5 Flips on a trampoline
72. Do The Cinnamon Challenge
73. Act like a dog to your dog
74. Draw a picture of a cat
75. Pretend you’re a snake
76. Name 5 YouTubers
77. Act like a celebrity of your choice

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