7 Beauty Vloggers We’re Watching

Beauty gurus have taken the vlogging world by storm over the past few years, and for good reason. While we once had to blindly trust beauty brands on the effectiveness of a product, we’re now able to learn from online influencers and self-taught gurus about the truth behind everything from hair products to fashion brands. Because of their independently produced content and lack of affiliation with one company, beauty gurus remain trustworthy to give honest critiques about products, as well as the ability to show off their often self-taught make-up skills. The appeal is that they’re relatable and often lead lives similar to their subscribers.

If they’re able to learn such impressive skills, what’s to stop us from doing the same and following in their footsteps? The seemingly endless amount of content being released means that there’s a tutorial or review out there for everything, whether you’re interested in trying a new skin cream, or want
a dramatic look for a night out. With so many content creators, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by influencers, but here are seven impressive beauty gurus that you should be watching.

1. Samantha Ravndahl

There seems to be a constant flow of new self-proclaimed beauty gurus popping up on Youtube, making it more and more difficult to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Samantha Ravndahl has managed to do so by her unique range of videos dating back to her channel’s creation over five years ago. While Samantha has her share of common video themes including the popular “get ready with me” and other fan favourites, her hundreds of uploads leave options for everyone. Whether you’re searching for brand reviews or tutorials for more unique and bold looks, Samantha has you covered. Though her videos are longer than most, often clocking in at over 30 minutes, she’s sure to explain her every move making it easy to follow along for even the newest wannabe make-up artists.

2. Nyma Tang

The struggle of finding the right shade of foundation is a struggle that most of us know all too well. What Nyma does that creates a personal touch compared to most mainstream beauty gurus is her honest approach to finding the right make-up for her darker skin colour. From tryingcustom foundations to spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora looking for the right shade, Nyma has tried it all in search of that perfect colour. Starting her channel two years ago, Nyma began with tutorials aimed at viewers with darker skin tones like herself but has evolved her channel into a space where nothing is out of reach, whether it’s bright eye-shadow colours or
glitter-covered lips. Nyma talks about her interest in beauty stemming from professional make-up artists telling her that she didn’t need make-up, but then asking herself – “Is it because I don’t need it, or is it because you don’t have anything in your kit that matches me?”

3. Allana Davison

No matter how much of an expert someone is at make-up or style, their ability to grow a channel relies entirely on their screen presence and connection with viewers. Allana Davison does this masterfully, constantly presenting herself as kind and relatable to her fanbase. Whether it’s taking fan suggestions for videos or interacting with her audience, her desire to share her love of make-up comes off as nothing but genuine. Allana’s connection with her audience also pays off in helping be sure that the videos that she produces are relevant and needed by the beauty vlogging audience, putting out videos that are up-to-date with current trends and styles.

4. The Find Guru

The Find Guru, also known as Marlene, has built a fanbase by utilizing her distinctive and curly hair. While she has a small handful of make-up tutorials on her channel, she prefers to focus on the hair side of beauty, embracing her differences to show her followers how to take advantage of a unique look. Starting her channel with a hair wrapping tutorial, she has gone on to make videos on styling thick curly hair, how to make the most out of hair extensions, and wig videos.

5. Desi Perkins


While many beauty vloggers tend to find their niche, whether it be hair, make-up, skin care, or fashion, Desi Perkins does it all. Highlighting each product used, starting with the make-up wipes she uses to begin with a clear face, her videos are so easy to follow along with. Desi also shows herself using cheap and easy to find drug-store brands for a lot of her skin care, reminding us viewers that you don’t have to break the bank to have beautiful skin. Sprinkled in amongst her many skin, hair, and make-up videos are lifestyle vlogs that show just how much work she puts into her successful channel.
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6. Heidi Hamoud

While many beauty gurus are self taught, Heidi Hamoud brings some expertise to the table. A professional makeup artist from Australia, Heidi uses her extensive knowledge to cover everything from skin care to costume makeup, however where Heidi really thrives is her ability to teach subscribers how to achieve glowing and natural looks. Heidi is also a new mom and continued to update her channel regularly throughout her pregnancy, including videos on how to mimic that beautiful pregnancy glow.


7. Kathleen Lights


The most followed beauty guru on this list with over 4 million subscribers, Kathleen is a popular vlogger who is not afraid to take risks. Having already established herself as a brand, Kathleen has been able to branch out from simple tutorials to include things like guest beauty gurus appearing alongside her in videos and more adventurous concepts like beauty challenges (including a Bird Box inspired makeup challenge!). While many of her videos have a higher production value and sponsored content, she continues to keep it real with honest product reviews and critiques of even her favourite brands.

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