5 Reasons Why YouTube Red Is Worth It

YouTube RED is a paid subscription service to YouTube that grants you additional benefits that has been out a while now. I’ve been using YouTube RED for the past few months and have seen the pros and cons of the subscription service.

So what is YouTube RED?
RED is basically a monthly subscription service similar to that of netflix/spotify. Once signed up for YouTube RED you benefit from not seeing advertisements on any videos, it gives you access to exclusive RED content and Google Music.

Before you step into buying a YouTube RED subscription for yourself, here are some things you need to know before making a decision!

1. Enjoy an AdFree YouTube
This is one of the main benefits of YouTube Red. All the videos you watch on the site are ad free, that means no more waiting a few seconds to hit the skip button or god forbid a whole advertisement you have to watch until the end. You’re saving hours of time if you watch heavy amounts of Youtube, thats hours of extra things you could do in a month. Sure you could block ads for free with some program you download from the internet, but that takes away revenue from youtube and thats why the Red programme is needed. If we want to enjoy youtube for free we shouldnt block ads and let content creators and google get their fare share to run the site.

2. Exclusive Red Content
A subscription to Youtube red allows you access to YouTube Original content that other views dont have access to. YouTubers such as Joey Graceffa, Lilly Singh, Rhett and Link all have Youtube Original content which is really entertaining. Its kind of similar to netflix origninals but with the youtubers I enjoy the most.

Some of my favourite originals are Lily Singh’s “A Trip to Unicorn Island”, “Single By 30” and “Vlogumentary” whichshows what really happens behind the camera of a YouTuber.

The exclusive content is ideal for major youtube watchers or superfans who want access to their favourite youtubers content.

3. YouTube Music Additional Features
If you guys are anything like me, I use YouTube to stream my music all the time. YouTube Music app is free to download for anyone and is an absolutely fantastic application by itself but with YouTube Red, it gets even better. YouTube Red allows you to stream the music without any ads, download the songs for offline playback and probably my favourite feature, listen to music in the background with background playback, which means opening another app and still being able to hear the music (HEAVEN!).

Another feature of YouTube Music when you subscribe to Red that I adored is that when I typed in a name of a song only the official or real results came up, filtering out all the crap that isnt the actual song itself!

4. Google Play Music
When you subscribe to YouTube Red, you also get access to the paid version of Google Play Music completely free. This normally costs $10 a month. This is similar to spotify in the regard that you can save songs for offline listening, listen ad-free and create custom radio and more.

5. Its 10 dollars!
You may be wondering about the price tag of Youtube Red, its $10 a month subscription. This may seem expensive at first but you have to look at what you’re getting. If you’re already paying for subscription services like Deezer or Spotify you could move to YouTube Red and get free google play music access and also get access exclusive content from your favourite youtubers. Not to mention the adfree playback which is enough to get some people on board with YouTube Red!

So Is it worth it.
If you can deal with Ads on YouTube and arent bothered about YouTubers exclusive content then its not worth it. If you dont use Googles mobile apps or listen to music that much then honestly I dont think its worth it. But If you’re the type of person who binges on YouTube, wants access to their favourite youtubers content and streams music though YouTube then yes its worth it. Peronally, im not bothered about the exclusive content although I found it entertaining,  I just want the Adfree music and extra app features!

Have you subscribed to YouTube Red and What did you think of it? Comment Below!

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