21 Inspiring YouTube Video Ideas

Making videos can be tough especially if you run into a creative block! There are tons of YouTube Videos ideas out there that anyone can use. Videos are becoming more and more creative and on a wider variety of topics, so you should dare to venture where no one has gone before and make something brand new if you can. But if you can

  1. Introduction Video

Intro videos are always a good idea, these videos are a few minutes long and lets your viewers get to know you! It lets your viewers know about things your interested in, your background and what type videos you plan to make in the future.

2. Daily Vlog

Daily Blogs are videos that are shot throughout the day that document the activities you do. These videos are usually 5-10 minutes long with shortened versions of the activities you did to give your viewers and insight into your life. While all our lives aren’t super interesting, you may do something out of the ordinary like go to a theme park, go shopping at the mall and document it!

3. Reaction Video
Reaction videos are becoming one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. In this type of video the YouTuber reacts to another video. Try to find the most outlandish video or currently trendy video to react to in order to bring a lot of interest to your video as people love watching other people reacting to things.

4.Video Tour
Video tours are a great way to let your viewers get a deeper insight into your life. Video tours can be of your room, your office, your house or if you renovate/redecorate its the perfect video to show off your new items!

5. My Views On X
Theres always something you have strong views on and ones that you can back up, it may be a good idea to make a video! Be careful though, you may annoy the fans of that YouTuber which can lead to aggressive comments.

6. Prank Videos
Prank videos are probably the most watched videos on YouTube, with channels like BFvGF, mainly  a prank channel with millions of subscribers. Pranks can range from anything like a phone call prank, to a physical prank.  There is a lot of setup involved in these pranks but once executed correctly are comedic.

7. Challenge Video
Challenge Videos are probably the most fun videos of all the videos. These videos involve you taking a challenge by yourself or with a friend. They involve doing the ridiculous in order to succeed. Challenges can be anything from eating unmarked cans of food, using salt and ice on your skin or eating large spoons of cinnamon which are all frankly hilarious.

We at YouTube Society have a full list of Challenges here!

8. Tag Video

Tag videos are videos where YouTubers answer a bunch of questions on a certain topic such as their Siblings in the sibling tag or your mom in the mom tag. You can do these tags by yourself or with your friends, which is a ton of fun! Here at YouTube Society we have a whole bunch of YouTube Tags that you can find here!

9. Story Time Video
Story time videos have become all the rage on YouTube with each creator sharing their life experiences that are usually out of the normal, with titles like “The Time My Friend Backstabbed me” or “ X Restaurant food poisoned me” usually with clickbait-y titles but entertaining none-the-less

10. Complication Video

Remember vine? Have a collection of your favorite videos saved on your hard-drive? why not put them together and make a complication video of many funny videos. These videos regularly bring in thousands of views! You could even make a complication of the funniest videos you find by week.

11. Facts You Didn’t Know About X Video
People love finding out new facts. Know something the masses don’t? Why not make video about it. These videos are easy to make but require a bit of research, you wouldn’t want to be spreading fake news!

12. Trying Food Video
This is the basis idea for channels such as Facts and Buzzfeed. Why not try out some foreign or unusual cuisine on camera, people love seeing reactions and people describing foods that they may never have heard of! Maybe you’ll become the next buzzfeed!?

13. Cooking Video
Have a passion for cooking or know a family recipe you want to share with the world. Cooking videos can be really interesting to watch especially in the style of tasty, or one of my favourites harto, where Hannah Hart cooks while drinking in her series “My Drunk Kitchen!”

14. Beauty/Hair/Make Up Tutorials

Creating a video for Hair, Beauty and Make up can be fun! You can show your beauty regime, new ways to do your make up or even tips and tricks that you’ve learned over the years.

15. DIY Tutorials
Have a arty/do it yourself interests? Why not make videos that show others how to make or craft items like those you find on pinterest or if you’re more of a fixer upper why not fix things such as computers, appliances, drains, whatever you have knowledge in!

16. Review Videos
People nowadays trust online reviews way more than reviews of their friends. So why not review some items you have that others may have an interest in. It can be anything from a product/service or even a TV show! People love opinions!

17.  Political Video
Politics nowadays is crazy and frankly entertaining with the amount of drama. Why not throw out your opinions too?

18. Singing/Cover Video
Make a video singing or playing an instrument of an original song or a cover of a song you love! Major musicians were found through youtube, you never know, it could be you!

19. Blooper Complication
We all have bloopers when recording, Personally for every 4 minutes of video I put on Youtube I’ve 20-30 minutes of bloopers. Why not get footage from your 5 latest videos and put the bloopers together for a funny video!

20. Gaming Video
Love Gaming? Why not record your screen and upload your gameplay/lets play of your favorite games. You can do various videos with friends, show your skills and even show cheat codes or tips for the game.

21. Unboxing/Haul Video
Got something new? Chances are people would love to see you unbox the new item as they want to see how it looks brand new and what it comes with. These videos can be weirdly therapeutic!

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