How to Change Your Name on YouTube


Changing your name on YouTube is often a confusing process as its hidden away in the menus and settings. There are many reasons why you want to change your name on YouTube such as protecting your privacy, correcting spelling or just changing because you want to! Whatever your reason this guide will show you exactly how to change your name on youtube!

You can only change your name a maximum of three times per account. Keep this in mind when changing your name as you may only have few attempts left.

Step 1: Sign into if you are not yet signed in.
Step 2: Navigate to the upper right hand corner on your screen and click your profile picture.

Step 3: You will then see a drop down type menu. In this menu click the gear icon. This is the icon for settings.
Step 4: Once you have gotten to the settings screen, beside the icon of your picture click “Edit on Google”. This will bring you to your google profile to edit the name.

Step 5 : Here you can edit your first and last name on your profile.

Step 6: Once you have confirmed and typed in the name you want shown on your profile, then click the okay button to change your name!

Congrats, You’ve now successfully changed your name on YouTube!
Remember you can do this two more times if you need to, otherwise you will need to contact google support in order to change it.

If this isn’t what you were looking for, you may be looking on how to change your YouTube URL which will be posted tomorrow as part of our YouTube Tutorial Series.


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